The power of positive thinking is much more than merely a saying. I know, I have seen it in action and have experienced it repeatedly. In fact I hope to again and Very soon. Positive thoughts are one of the most powerful things we as individuals can ‘grant’ ourselves. Anyone who is uncomfortable being around positive people is someone who is content to be discontented.

Having positive thoughts is as close to what we will ever get to having good dreams while awake.

This type of mindset has EVERYTHING to do with our success in business, life, sports, academics, you name it. It absolutely empowers you to go beyond what you may have thought was once unimaginable for yourself.

If you are looking for the ‘secret’ about how to become successful then you just found it plain and simple.

Let’s look at 3 ways a positive mental attitude can and will affect our lives and our success.

Instills a ‘Can Do’ Attitude

Ever notice how ‘positive people’ carry around an attitude that they can accomplish anything – and with a smile! Well there is a reason for that and it is because they really do believe it. You see believing you can be successful at something before you even attempt it is half the battle. As the saying goes ‘if you believe you can, you can, and if you believe you can’t, you’re right.’

Each and every one of us has the capability of accomplishing anything as long as we truly believe we can. Whether it is personal or professional our attitude or beliefs can give us the strength to succeed or also keep ourselves from succeeding. It like picking door #1 or door #2 whichever way we choose, be it positive or negative, it is likely that our actions will follow.

Instills More Energy

Whether you refer to this mindset as a positive attitude, a strong faith or a deep seated belief, your energy level will be boosted by your own enthusiasm. In the inverse if you dread something have you ever noticed how it saps your energy? You don’t look forward to it in the worse way so therefore it actually drains what energy you may have.

A high energy level will help you accomplish more while also preserving your stamina to go on even further.

Instills Greater Resolve

With a positive outlook it is easy to overlook setbacks and consider them just temporary or minor inconveniences. Our expectations are already set to succeed and we expect nothing less therefore our willingness to ‘go on’ comes automatically with little stress or doubt. This tremendously increases our chances for success in business or life since setbacks are something we can count on. The ability to simply crash through these barriers without flinching will often times be the difference between success and failure.

The power of positive thinking may well be the greatest single power we as human beings possess. Whether in our professional, private, academic or sporting lives our search for how to become successful ALWAYS starts with a positive mental attitude. Just the fact that we are searching for MORE immediately instigates the positive thoughts that will sustain our hopes and the drive to succeed! We want more and to achieve that we are automatically thinking on a higher level, we are thinking POSITIVELY! As we have already reviewed above the positive effects of the right attitude simply can not be denied!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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