I offer this practical personal development guide to success for all those who have tried before yet failed. It doesn’t matter where you are now in your your own personal development or or where you wish to go. It matters very little how far reaching your personal development goal is or how hard it appears to be to attain. No matter what you want to achieve rest assured that some else has achieved something similar beginning somewhere close to where you are. If they did it so can you!

If you follow the 6 personal development steps set out before you, you will be achieving your personal development goals very soon.

Step 1.
The first personal development step is essential! You must be clear about what you want! When you begin to set personal development goals ensure you have a very definite arrival point. Some people when they want to better their lives look around for the path of least resistance. They have no real idea of what they want from life but just know they want to improve it. They therefore look at many different things and try many different personal development approaches without every really devoting themselves to one objective and never achieving success. There is no personal development!

If you live in New York and wish to visit San Diego you do not begin by looking at the most convenient and easiest route before you decide your destination! You just decide you want to go to San Diego!

It is the same with any personal development goal. No matter how hard or unreasonable your desire may seem you must always follow your heart! Have a clear definition of what success means to you. Set you personal development goal now by deciding exactly what it is you want from life!

Step 2.
Narrow the personal development goal down. Get specific. Deciding that you are going to visit San Diego is all well and good but the city is extremely large. Where in San Diego do you want to go? Be specific in your goals. For example, wanting to lose weight is a reasonable and achievable goal but it is too vague. Set a target for your weight loss. Do you want to lose 5 pounds, 10 or even 20 pounds? To achieve any kind of personal development you must be specific!

Step 3.
Write your personal development goal down. Make in concrete by putting it on paper. Place it somewhere where you can see it everyday. It makes the goal real and acts as a reminder of what you are working towards. This is why company’s have their mission statement in giant letters where every employee can see it! Create your mission statement and on it place your goal.

Step 4.
Create a personal development plan. Look for ways that will help you achieve this goal. How did others achieve similar results? Did they learn lessons from experience which you can also learn without having to experience the learning as they did? Use the personal development journeys of others. How did other people do it? Learn from their mistakes and use them for your own learning. Someone else may have failed hundreds of times in their personal development before they learned to do it right. You don’t have to be the same. Just follow the final plan they used to succeed!

Step 5.
Once you have a personal development plan break it down into smaller more easily achievable goals. Each day should not pass without you being a little closer to achieving your goal. No matter how the small the steps are just take them and ensure you are taking them in the right direction!

Step 6.
Create a mental picture of success. Picture yourself enjoying the personal development achievement of having already acquired your goal. Feel all the positive emotions that come with this success. Review this mental picture first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Personal development step 6 is often overlooked yet it is one of the most important of the personal development steps. By visualizing your goal attainment you are programming your mind with the blueprint of success. This will keep you motivated in times of self-doubt or frustration.

Follow these 6 simple steps and personal development and success are guaranteed!
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