Hasan A. Yahya, Ph.D

“This article is for normal or common readers, who understand what they read according to their level of understanding. Such understanding of course, depends on many factors, the most important factor is not only their ability to read, but on their ability to understand what they read.”

Do you understand so far, what is the idea of this article? OK! If not,  can you reform the statement in PERFECT English to understand it? What does that mean? If you don’t want to understand, then whatever was the (Perfect) language used, will not convey the message you are sending. Why? Because understanding depends solely on the cultural and social backgrounds. This statement, I think is applicable to all people no matter what level of education they have. Is it necessary for all people to use ENGLISH language perfectly to be famous and rich or to understand science, geography, history and politics? I don’t think so. Conversely, is it necessary for poor person not to be understood if he has no money, when he or she  talks or writes?

Language is not necessary for complete understanding or perfect writing. Ideas come from all people, smart or ignorant, rich or poor, young or old, women and men. It is the image of a person or the well and the mode of the reader to understand. I believe that any sign convey the message should be respected from those who are handicapped, linguistically speaking. Simple people can cry and give you the message that they are suffering. Disabled persons without giving any language can convey a message of disability, without using any language or signs. It depends on the eye of the beholder who interprets what s/he sees. For example, if they are sitting in their chairs, it may mean that they can’t walk.

How about language? You don’t need to be excellent in English to be perfect. Many people around the world do not know English, but still famous and rich and understood.  But you need to be smart with a talent. The most important thing in writing is to give the idea about what you write, to convey a message from you to others. To describe your feelings, or to comment on something you like or dislike. The free enterprise of speech is open to all. A child (girl or boy) with talent, may bring ideas much better than their parents or teachers. This should be an undeniable  logical fact.

Now let me ask you, do you understand my English, or you will say, the writer doesn’t know English, or having a simple English. In my case, I will never master English completely as those who’s English is their mother tongue. To know Hebrew does not mean that you are a Jew. To know Arabic, does not necessary means that you belong to Arabs. In the same token, knowing English does not mean that you are British or American or any nationality talks or uses English as an official language. The most important method of connecting people together, is music, I believe, which does not need any written language to be understood. It is the language of everybody on earth to make, listen, love and enjoy equal to understanding what you read. (552 words) www.hasanyahya.com

Hasan A. Yahya is an American Arab scholar, and a professor of cultures and sociology. He published 19 Arabic and 8 English books and 200 plus articles on sociology, psychology, politics, poetry, IQ Test Measurement and short stories in both Arabic and English. His articles may be found on articlesbase.com, Face book and other internet sites. His recent book published on Amazon titled: Therapy Cases: Mental and physical, 2008, and Lawlaki: Poetry Diwan, 2000 Bayt Min al-Shi’r al-Arabi. (all in Arabic on amazon- 2009). His recent activities reflects his talents and knowledge on youtube’s Dryahyatv.com Dr. Yahya resides in Michigan, USA. Dr. Yahya has four children and eight grandchildren

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