Personal development means exactly what the words imply; it’s a quest to develop inherent qualities, abilities and resources in the individual. Contrary to popular beliefs, it is not restricted to material success.

Material success does not imply a successful, meaningful and rewarding life. Personal development does include all these factor plus the ability to perform on a higher level intellectually, morally and spiritually.

Personal development does not aim primarily at learning techniques and concepts that will permit a more productive performance. Its main objective is improving the character so that the person will accede to higher plateaus on the scale of overall quality.

Character is the sum total of the individual’s personality. It is the result of all past experiences and of all the factors that have influenced the person plus the genetically inherited traits.

Character is who we have become and Personal Development is the tool necessary to change who we are into who we aspire to be.   The fundamental mission of Personal Development is self-transformation, which is much more than simply acquiring information and knowledge. That is why Personal Development should be seen as a lifelong discipline and not as an occasional exercise.

A distinction should be made between Motivational Material and Personal Development. Motivational material seeks to give a burst of energy and creativity but no lasting changes are expected. However with Personal Development, little, if any, boost will be given and little lasting changes can be expected from even the most intense seminars or discipline.

Personal Development is a long and slow process. It seeks a positive and lasting transformation of the individual also known as enlightenment. The enlightened person has access to a different reality and will see the world through an entirely different set of lenses. Life is then lived on a superior plateau. The external reality remains the same but the experience of it is entirely transformed.

Personal Development is done through a continual and constant work on the self that could be compared to bodybuilding. No matter how intense and individual session is, no perceivable change is affected but through constant repetitions and efforts, the desired state will be achieved. Personal Development does not seek to put makeup on the psyche but to alter its functioning.

Personal Development is not an event; it’s a process. Personal Development does not only modifies the behavior, it changes the person. That is, it will do it if the process of Personal Development is understood as it should be and practiced as it should be. One day at the time for a lifetime.

Dr. Raymond Comeau aka Shamou is the Owner Administrator of the Personal Development for Personal Success Forums.
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