Let’s examine the dictionary definition of these two words…
Creativity – The ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns etc

Innovation – Having the ability to create, originality of thought, imagination etc
Without using these goals as you create, your work can be ordinary and uninspired.

Creativity is often associated with the words, expression, shift gears or enhance.  Creativity is the ability to go beyond the traditional work you usually produce and learn new ways to express yourself.

One of the easiest ways to have productive creativity is by setting artistic goals.  This scene is very familiar to all artists…there’s a show coming up, there are many activities that need to be done, paintings finished, they need to be matted, framed and wired.  Your box of essential supplies needs to be checked, the tent needs to be brought out of storage and on and on, I’m sure you know this scene well.

Now is the perfect time to be creative in setting your goals.  Have you thought to make a template of the recurring activities that happen with each show?  Just print this list and check off each item as it is completed.


The word innovation is often associated with a person that is known for their originality of thought. Just recently a person that fits this description stepped down from a job that has changed millions of people’s lives.  This person managed to be innovated even as he announced his retirement to the world.

Are you an artist that uses both creativity and innovation in your work, your exhibits or art show?
How do these two ideas enable you to make and show your art that is different and truly speaks of who you are?
It possibly could be the way you lay down the paint, your color combinations or your subject matter that sets you apart.

But, I’m thinking that you have an artistic goal for your work before it is started.  When the idea first comes to you, your mind begins to draw on previous experience, pictures you have seen and hold in your mind until the time is just right to bring them together with other elements to create an outstanding work of art.

Creativity and innovation can also be applied to the artistic goals of sales at the art show, gallery exhibit or internet sales.  Do you know the right questions to ask to encourage someone that comes into your booth or contacts you through your website to become a patron?
Show creativity and innovation in the way your booth is set up, by the way you hang your paintings together.  Do you want to hang them by size, similar colors or subject?  Use your creativity and innovation before you leave the studio.  When you know how you want to hang the picture, you know how to pack them.

Creativity and innovation can be used in one of the most important parts of your business…your customer’s needs.  Listen as they express their creative desires and be ready to present solutions that will help them shift gears if need be, and formulate answers to their artistic problems.
To help you achieve creativity and innovation through goal setting, please go to http://www.valleofyellowcreekartstudioblog.com/audios/Accomplish.mp3 – download the mp3 “The Art of Goal Setting: and take action on the suggestions and tips found there, enabling you to become more goal focused and productive. Ellene Breedlove Davis is a landscape, watercolor artist and has 30+ years of experience painting in oils and watercolors.Her paintings and greeting cards can be found at http://ElleneBreedloveDavis.com
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