Achieving success in business is almost always the result of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. Any business community in general is bound to be very competitive and achieving success will always come at some cost. Although developing a sound business plan is a very good start in reality the key to success lies within the person.

There are 5 critical attributes a person will require if they desire to attain any type of professional success in their lives. Now relax these attributes to which we refer are not ‘special’ gifts bestowed upon only the ‘chosen’ but can in fact be easily acquired. Once more these attributes or ‘success skills’ can be applied to just about any aspect of your life and are not limited to business related activities.

So for those wondering how to become successful, or at least improve their work performance or personal lives here are 5 areas that will need to be worked on.

The Why

Whatever it is that you are striving to succeed at must be something you want badly enough to commit your concerted effort towards. The ambition that you bring to your pursuits is directly related to the chances of your success. Once you have established strong reasons as to why you want to succeed the ambition within you will help you maintain your drive or efforts.


Here too you will be relying upon a very strong desire to achieve success and this will translate over into a commitment or determination to succeed. If you focus on the net results and how much they will benefit you maintaining your resolve should not be an issue.

Focusing Effort

Knowing what it is you have to do to attain the desired objectives you seek is only half the battle. The willingness to put forth the necessary effort over the required amount of time needed will ultimately be what gains you the results you seek.

In a nutshell you will need a strong work ethic to see you through.


Most any accomplishment of significance will take time to achieve. Realizing and accepting this beforehand will go a long way towards your ability to meet your goals and objectives.

Don’t let the enthusiasm and anticipation of meeting your objectives wear down your patience. Patience is a virtue and in this case it is also a strong ally of yours.  


Things do not always go according to plan and in fact this is one constant we can generally rely upon. When and if things change, stop and assess the situation then adapt and continue to move forward. If mistakes occur avoid the temptation to lose your cool but instead take the time to learn from it so that you do not make that same error again.

Achieving success in business is not necessarily an extraordinary stroke of luck but more the result of careful planning and mental preparation. Professional success does require some sacrifice but more importantly the key to success is developing and adopting the proper mental ‘framework.’ As we reviewed the 5 critical success skills above you can plainly see it will take your willingness to sacrifice. Knowing how to become successful will come with the realization that sacrifice and a steadfast adherence to your goals will be the very foundation of the success you seek. The 5 traits we discussed above, their development and your adoption of them, will be the key to coordinating your physical efforts with your focused mindset

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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