Don’t you love me anymore? She stands in the darken corner neglected and rejected. Her longing eyes are downcast, her heart is filled with pain she weeps silently. Who is she? She is your goal, don’t you remember her the one you bragged about, dream about and made plans for. Somewhere you took a detour and became more involved in other things and cast her aside like yesterdays trash. You must hurry, but It isn’t to late to restore the relationship, sure she will require lots of attention, total devotion and constant guidance to make it work, but you can do it she is your goal protect her.


He is a liar, a bully and a brute he whispers words of defeat in your ear constantly. He taunts and frightens you. Who is he? He is fear, a fierce opponent who enjoys being your constant companion. Banish him from your life, show him who is boss, stop listening to him and watch him wither in defeat. Be warned his twin brothers doubt and worry will gladly take his place. 



They greet you when you least expect it, whispering seductive words, producing sensational smells, tantalizing tastes, tempting touch or hypnotic sights. You never know what they are going to pull out of their bag of tricks. They destroy your hopes softly, silently steal your dreams, and as they massage you into complacency they ruin your future. Who are they? They are your weaknesses, those things that are destructive but oh so hard to resist. You have to fight back, and spurn their charm no matter how tempting they appear they only mean you harm. 



You feel it deep in your spirit, it arouses something in your soul, its like a silent whimper but somehow you know it is worth more than a treasure house of gold. It nudges you gently and you feel it strongly when things are quite. It breaks through the darkness in your mind like a magnificent light. What is it? It is that part of you, that really knows what is best, the often neglected conscience that gets buried under the roar of daily life. It is the part of you that asks you to become everything that you were meant to be. It celebrates your uniqueness, encourages your talents and applauds your efforts. Learn to embrace moments of quiet time and be strengthen by your inner being. 

Tammie-Maria Allen© 2011



Tammie-Maria Allen is a passionate artist,writer,model and musician,She is also a  multifaceted business woman and a certified personal trainer.
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