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This deep understanding mandates for new formatting within the students of inner growth so that a different perceptory window is attributed to it and necessary alteration comes into its place. Today we have introduced you with some new comprehension about the complex subject of our Ego that in general confined to a sign of merely inflated ‘self’. In the next article we shall go down to the aspects of an Ego where one can experiment alteration and experience a change in one’s life that leads to more harmony and betterment.


Continued… According to an ancient wisdom Ego is a necessary portion embedded into our existence… the vital purpose that it (ego) serves is to enable the soul experience the outside world through a different ‘isness’… to understand this line in simplest words; the soul is an eternal spark that is pure in absolute terms and is a mere witness to the world made out of delusion. The ego works as its foremost protocol officer in order to dispense all business on its behalf in the world (repeat made out of delusion).It (Ego) is an active mechanism that works as the outer wrapping upon the consciousness (soul)and further commands other components like ‘mind’, chitta, intellect and physical dimensions.

The Ego draws its fuel from the eternal spark i.e. soul itself. All fears, joy, unpleasantness’, anxiety, hope etc. all are experienced by none other than this emissary of the spark ‘eternal’; Ego. The initial exercise before anyone who aspires to see that his/her decisions in life are not contaminated by this highly complex entity by the name ‘ego’ is to traverse within during moments of deep contemplation before resolving towards any major issue in one’s life.


An illustration upon a situation shall render you with a perfect understanding upon this subject; This illustration serves two purposes at the same time… one that it directs an individual to contemplate in accordance with the spirit of this article( the manner to contemplate shall be mentioned at the end of this article) and secondly it highlights a major problems now becoming a common feature around this global village… our world.


Why does the emotion at heart vanish when two in deep love start living together as their wedded partners?


People meet and keep meeting for years and resolve to get married; good that is very good. It should be that way with most… but courts inform that matrimonial disputes far exceed any other kind of property, intellectual rights, criminal offenses etc. And… 85% of the disputes are amidst well educated ones those underwent love marriage after a prolonged affair and consideration. It is also learned that those that were once submitted and prepared for all care and concern for each other then transform into bitterness, acrimony, revengeful and they moot their advocates to do worst or draw the most from the opponents. The disputes are increasing and in general it does not come to our common notice… because this is not reported in any media nor courts advertise their statistics but it is a very harsh truth… As a proponent of Love, care and concern i am searching for answers that can avoid this amongst the love birds… You know why? Because love thoughts emanate positive vibes around the vast skies and in turn fuel positivity of all kinds… kids, matures, elderly ones, flora and fauna,animal kingdom they all benefit out of positive emanations.

But when negativity emanates from conflict ridden brains then… all that comes out as the outcome furthers dispute, disharmony and conflict… if we have to make this world a better place then we must ensure that beside the water and air pollution the pollution of thoughts that breed hatred must end… remember that two human beings in love are in fact the custodian and a factory as well; that can endlessly nullify the effects of the dark clouds of hatred and conflict at the subtler worlds.

I am working at my end as a trainer… though it was not my main subject but considering the bleeding hearts worldwide i believe that bewildered minds, broken hearts can never render good politicians, professionals, teachers or entrepreneurs… to love the entire world may not be an easy affair for all but to love someone you are related with by any norm is certainly possible.

When the trees do not exist around one at home due to any reason; then people bring their essence into small earthen pots and love them… there is a need for that in light of love; Secure the love amidst two and the world shall be taken care of…



Now in this above illustration the intensity and concern for the problem itself is acutely ‘grave’; yet here its mention is to point out upon the moments of contemplation that could save several couples from a painful separation that carries so much remorse that travels a long way in their memories.


The procedure for this special session of contemplation to trace any scope of contamination from if and any malefic light of Ego;


Sit down alone at a place other than your own home; a place where there is no scope of any disturbance from outside world on if and any count. Inhale gently… the speed of inhalation should not touch even the levels where it is noticeable… extremely slow; do the same with the exhalation (the breath that leaves your nostrils). Allow yourself to immerse into this act for a duration when you experience slight relief from all kinds of heaviness at head or heart. Do not question its duration since it may vary from one to other… it can be 20 to 60 minutes…


After you experience the aforesaid state then recollect the situation that mandates to tear the relationship built upon fundamentals of love… while recollecting it just ask within with a gentle mood; is my ‘self’ in any form contaminating the situation from its improvement… ask yourself this question softly and wait for the resolve to surface… Take a serious stock of whatever that surfaces…


Then repeat the exercise of gentle breathing once again for a duration and moments as elaborated before… Now this time you gently push a question; Have I done all on my part to save the purest emotion of love amidst- ourselves…


Now it is time for the last moments of this procedure to check any contamination on the part of Ego that shall run up towards a drastic change for your lives. Repeat the exercise as elaborate earlier and commenced twice.


This time push a gentle question; what shall resolve harmony and goodwill in longevity? And wait for the truth to surface. This procedure to a large extent can scan and point out the contamination on part on ones own ego… remember it does not take care or count for others action. As a rightful aspirant of harmony it shall attempt to ensure no contamination on your part.


The procedure stands the same for any subject before our life… here it was merely enjoined to a problem that is tormenting countless hearts where the abode of love and love should have existed. Some other time we shall embark upon more aspects of the layering of this complex but vital subject i.e. Ego. Dinesh kumar(Learning under discipline)
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