OK here you go.

The secret of the ages. How to control you emotions.

The key to happiness.

The key to it all.

Control your thoughts, control your feelings, control your life.

Here it is, in one simple word:


That’s it. Watch. Become an observer. All the suffering in the world has its root in attachment. People who suffer don’t watch. They become participants in their thinking and more importantly their feeling process.

Suffering has its root in being a thought combatant.

Thoughts won’t fight without your participation.

Many times we choose to participate in the thinking process. We jump right into the fray. We react. We fight. We resist. We don’t let go.

Judge. Fight. Resist. Repeat the process. Time and again each day.

If you would simply watch the process your problems would dissolve into opportunities.

You are awareness. You are not your thoughts. You are not your feelings. You are not your body.

Just awareness.

You do not need to identify with your thoughts, feelings or body. If you want to know how to control your emotions you can’t identify with these objects of your awareness.

Become an observer.

Meditation is a vehicle through which you can expand your awareness. You can surround each event of your life with a spacious quality.

You can simply be without being this or that.

You can be present. Not here or there. Just in the now.

It all starts with watching.

You don’t need to act on your thoughts, for you aren’t your thoughts. You are awareness attending to these thoughts.

Same deal with feelings. You don’t need to react to your feelings, for they are your feelings, your possession. The feelings aren’t you, they are simply objects of your infinite awareness.

Life becomes simple for an observer. Problems are no longer problems. Crises are opportunities for growing. Drama is not drama at all, just another moment that’s be noted.

To watch you must be open. Open to everything that happens in your life.

Here’s how to practice openness.

Find a quiet spot. Sit with your back straight, either cross-legged on the floor or in a chair.

Proceed to watch your thoughts and feelings. Watch everything. Note thoughts and feelings and release them. No attachment or clinging. Just note and release. The beginning of watching.

Start with 5 minutes of watching, or meditating, per day. Add 5 minutes each week.

Aim for at least 30 minutes of meditating per day.

Focus on how to control your emotions by watching them.

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