Many people will die with their potentials. No wonder it is said that the graves are the wealthiest places on the planet simply because many people have died without reaching their destinies. But what makes people unsuccessful? This is a critical question that should run across each mind that has a dream of impacting generations. I have discovered that it many young people dream a lot about how they want to become great and change the world.

Unfortunately, not many people achieve their dreams. The main reason why dreams are unaccomplished or aborted is because people do nothing about them. It is one thing to dream and quite another to work towards achieving them. If you develop a desire to do something, you must begin working on it today. Young people relax and wait to accomplish them later in life, only to discover that time is gone and they are already old to achieve anything.

To develop achievable dreams, begin by thinking about what you want to achieve in life or where you want to be when you lie on your death bed. Do not be afraid to dream big. There is nothing like being over-ambitious when it comes to dreams. After these imaginations, you must put them down on paper. This shows that you believe in and have already internalized them.

Birds of the same feather flock together. This is to mean that you must be in the company of dreamers. You must understand that there also dream-killers. Dream killers are those people who do not believe that you could possibly achieve it.

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