Stress does not only affect a person emotionally but also physically. It does make your heart beat faster and puts a strain in your heart. When you get older, all these stress add up and may cause something negative to your body. It is important that as early as childhood, you learn on how to handle stress and release it. This will help you to lessen the intensity of stress and will make you healthy until you grow old. Aside from keeping you healthy, learning stress release can also make your life more pleasing and enjoyable.

Here are some of the simple ways on how you can release stress in 5 minutes.

Breathe deeply.
When you are stressed, your breathing becomes quicker and shallow. If you practice deep breathing at the moment, you will then feel relaxed. Deep breathing purifies the blood, provides more energy, and calms the mind and the body. When you practice it, you will maintain a good mental and physical health.

Loosen tensed muscles. When you get stressed, your adrenaline goes into your blood stream and makes your heart beats faster. You should pay attention to which muscles are contracting and you should loosen them up. You can start by loosening your clothes, taking off your shoes and getting comfortable. Then, starting from your right foot, tighten it up and relax it. You can move slowly up through your body, contracting and relaxing the muscle groups as you go.

Tell yourself to “relax”. Gently tell yourself to relax. This will make you more aware of what you feel and will give you more control of your emotion. You can find a quiet environment either at home or in school where there are no distractions and interruptions. You could also find a comfortable position like sitting up with your spine straight in a chair or floor. You should also try to divert yourself to a point of focus. You can focus on an object in your surroundings. This will enhance your concentration while you are trying to relax.

These 3 ways are easy to do either you are at home or in school. Children, like you, should learn and practice these ways for these can give a lot of benefit. When you are relaxed, you will feel better. You become more creative, productive and friendlier to other people. You can use these tips whenever you feel stressed. These will make you into a positive person who knows how to handle yourself despite of all the pressure and trials in life.

Release stress in 5 minutes!

Dr. John E. Neyman, Jr.Christian CounselorDr. John has reared 3 children, Philip, Laura, and Matthew. Dr. John has been teaching families for the last 30 years. He is a family coach that specializes in parenting. Dr. John’s motto is “Empowering parents to transform their homes.” Dr. John was a pastor for 25 years.Dr. John has been serving as a Counselor/therapist for 30 years. He is currently a Behavior Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist in Western PA. Dr. John also is the director /Owner of the Renewed Life Counseling Center. Dr. John is a bestselling author entitled Wake up Live the Life You love: Success and Wake up Live the Life You Love: Freedom.Dr. John has developed a strategy that parents are able to use immediately, and effectively. It is entitled Power moments with Your Children. It takes less than 1 minute to put a strategy into place. Dr. John holds degrees from Liberty University and Rochville University.Dr. John has a passion to teach principles that transforms lives. He has spoken to audiences from 4 to 4 thousand. Dr. John’s teachings are practical, pointed, and powerful.
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