I’m so depressed I want to die

Are you depressed with life? Do you feel like your life is not worth living and you want to die?

I’m so depressed, I want to die is a phrase that we hear often now days whether to loosing our loved one, suffering from a health problem, or losing our jobs.

According to a study done by one of the clinics in San Francisco mentioned that over 70% of the patients in hospitals are there due to psychosomatic diseases. These are illnesses that are caused by our negative thoughts which have huge effect on our bodies like excessive anxiety, excessive worry, and excessive stress. Does that statistic surprise you?

Im so depressed I want to die

If your goal is overcome depression and stop saying the phrase “I’m so depressed I want to die,” then follow the guide below:

Examine the root cause

It happens so often that people who are experiencing depression, start looking for solutions right away without taking the necessary time to examine the root cause of their depression. It is like attempting to fix a car without examining the cause of the problem.  As I mentioned in my book “How to overcome worry” that the problem with this is you will never be able to truly heal yourself and lead a happy life unless you get rid of the root cause first.


Sit in a quiet place and ask yourself the following questions:

Why am I depressed with life?
Why do I feel this way?
When did my depression start?
Is feeling this way serving me in any way?
What is the cause to my depression?

Dig deep in your subconscious mind and really ponder these statements as they help you examine the root cause for your depression. Answering these questions sincerely could help you find the answers that you are seeking and help you overcome your depression and start seeing life as a beautiful place.

Take action

Now that you have examined the root cause for your depression, you need to start changing your life by taking action. What do I mean by action? What I mean is look for solutions and start taking some serious steps to help your overcome depression.

Start practicing not to take things seriously in life, start improving your health by eating healthier food and exercising. Start spending time with your family and savoring ever minute of it. Have a goal and start taking steps towards it.

Taking action about your current situation is very necessary, otherwise nothing will change and you will not be able to move on and change your life.


When you come across something that you can’t change like the death of a loved one then you have got to accept it. There is no benefit in fighting anything that can’t be changed. The sooner you come in grips with things that can’t be changed, the faster you can begin to heal.

For example, if one member of your family dies and you feel like you can’t go on living, then it is very important to accept the fact, so you can start moving on. I know this is easier said than done. Give yourself time to heal, just realize you have got to come to a point where you accept what has happened to be able to move on.

Finally, to stop being depressed with life, you need first to examine the root cause of your depression and then start to focus on the solution by taking action. If there is something that can’t be changed, then you need to accept it and shift your focus on another area of life that is more positive.

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