Many wonder what factors affect motivation. As a leader, it is key to understand some of the aspects of motivating those that you oversee. There are several theories on human motivation. But, the majority census is as follows that when we are motivated, we have developed a situation that will a person strive to do something more.

There are several ways that one can motivate others.

Through Curiosity:If something is presented to a person that peaks their interest, they are more willing to complete the task. The reason being is that their interest is satisfied as they learn going from task to task.

Through Challenges:A person is apt to be more motivated if they are working towards a meaningful goal whether it is at work or in their personal life. To achieve that goal, and to feel as if it was worth something, the task should be increasingly difficult for them to attain.

Through Control:People like to feel as if they are control of their environment and of what they are doing. If they know that once they complete a goal and then know the reward, this can help motivate them to get the work that is needed done. This lets them feel as if they are controlling their outcome.

Through Competition:Some people need to feel the need of comparing oneself to another. This makes them strive to want more and to do better to their own satisfaction. Something to keep in mind though. Some people do not react as well to competitions and if the competitive edge is too high, their might not be much sportsmanship in helping one another out.

Through Recognition:When one’s work is recognized, they are more likely to be motivated to do more. With recognition, they should not be compared to another’s work. Their work should be able to stand on its own with its own rewards.

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