Just Smile To Help Motivate We have all had a moment in time when we were sitting on top of the
world. Excited about life. Take a minute and think back when you were
excited. What was life like for you then? What were you excited about?
By thinking back to those times, I bet you got a flashback of how
excited you were at that time in your life. So what happened from then
to now that you have lost that excitement? Maybe it is just because
of all the wrong or bad things that is going on in your world right
now? When you were excited and on top of the world, it is because you made a
decision to something great for yourself or for someone else. One way to keep excited is just SMILE! Try looking in the mirror and
smile at yourself. You just have to laugh, which brings the feeling of
excitement back. You use a lot less muscles to smile than you do when you frown.
Smiling releases endorphins that make you feel better and that is sure
to bring back the excitement in your life. You will actually enjoy
things more if you smile while you are doing them. Although it is not
good to judge a person, it is very true that a smiling person is
judged to be more pleasant, attractive, sincere, sociable, and
competent than a non smiling person.
When you smile, it does tend to make others around you smile. Even in
the most stressful times, a roomful of smiles can brighten everybodys
mood and get them excited. Do yourself and the world a favor, get back that excitement in your
life and smile again! Be sure to smile at simple pleasures the sight of kids playing, a
loved one or friends, the successful completion of a task, the
witnessing of something amazing or humorous. Smiles indicate that
stress and the weight of the world has not overcome you. A short poem for you: So, if you feel a smile begin, do not leave it undetected. Lets start
an epidemic quick, and get the whole world infected!

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