I am a bit lost about where to from here..which way is forward?

I was going well during December but finding since the Christmas holiday break..that I have lost my way a bit in regards to what are the things to keep moving forward. I am sure that I am not any different to many others..it’s not a nice feeling..like being lost in a maze…again!

I have broken one of the cardinal rules from Alex Jeffreys..in what he has been teaching us (Alex’s Students) about planning your day, your month, your year. Taking a bit of time off over the holidays seems to of broken the flow, line of thinking and unfortunately “Planning” and “Doing / Acting”. It is really frustrating, I just don’t seem to be able to get myself turned back around and pointing my nose in the right direction.

I have also joined a number of sites..got involved in the conversations and reading the sites, etc. and guess what before I know it 2,3, 4 hours have gone by and I haven’t done what I had planned to do… feel like kicking the wall but I would get into trouble for that! Alex said..not get caught up with answering emails and other peoples hipe, just stick to your plan…well..I got a big 0 out of 10 for this at the moment.

I have to get my head back around and start being more focused and disciplined about what I want to do during the day…can hear Alex in my ears here. Back to planning, I know it, got to get back to just doing it, maybe I should kick myself in the butt rather than the wall.

Hopefully this is the silver linning in the cloud…just get back on track and get moving again and be clear on what I want to do for the day..

Beware…I know its an old cliche..but don’t do what I have done…do what Alex’s said..

Cheers for now…Paul