Discipline is a crucial concept on our path to realise the success we desire. Unfortunately the concept of discipline is misunderstood and we mistakenly confuse discipline with pain and discomfort. As you know we do everything in our power to avoid pain and to attract as much pleasure as possible. Would your negative feeling toward discipline change if you understood the true meaning of the word discipline was “to instruct or educate, to inform the mind, to prepare by instructing in correct principles and habits” Could you change your understanding about and feeling toward discipline, if you finally realised the true meaning of discipline and saw discipline as something that helps, guides and instructs, rather than something, which is difficult and causes pain.

Make the shift today and start to see discipline as something positive and very necessary, on your path to creating the success that you desire. No one that has ever achieved greatness or become a super achiever has ever done so, without huge, positive doses of daily discipline. Change the way you view discipline in your life and start to see discipline as your very necessary companion and your personal supporter, on your journey as you travel along your path of success. Sybil Stanton, in her book “The Twenty Four Hour Women” states this concept so beautifully. “Discipline is not on your back, leading you with imperatives, it is at your side nudging you with incentives.


Stop seeing discipline in a negative light, as something that is difficult and causes pain and start to see it as your greatest supporter and very necessary assistant. As soon as you make this shift, the pain associated with daily discipline disappears and is replaced by your new concept about discipline, where you now see discipline as crucial and your greatest helper. Discipline then becomes a positive and supportive concept, where you are able to incentivise and inspire yourself, to take the daily actions necessary to create the life of your dreams.

Use your new appreciation about the positive concept and necessity to use daily discipline, to help you to do the tough things that you need to do every day and the day will come very soon, when you can do the things you want to do, when you want to do them. You can choose to continue to enjoy instant gratification in the moment, never making the few small daily commitments you need to make, to carry out the daily tasks necessary to create the future of your dreams. Or you can begin to pay the small price of daily discipline and build a meaningful future, which is fulfilling and makes you feel complete. The choice is yours, remember, the price of daily discipline weighs ounces, but weight of regret weighs tonnes.

Choose daily discipline, which costs very little and you will get to enjoy success, happiness and fulfilment. Continue to choose instant gratification and neglect and the price is regret, bankruptcy, divorce, failure and plenty of long term pain. Stop looking for freedom and instant gratification in the moment and focus some of your day on discipline and creating the future that you desire. Discipline is the one positive, missing ingredient, which will catapult you toward the success you desire. Pay the small price of discipline today and you will live a far better tomorrow.




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