Have you ever bought something only to discover down the track that you didn’t actually get what you thought you were buying… that you’ve been well and truly scammed?

Of course you have.

Me too.

We all have.

“But with these pills I’m meant to lose 14 pounds in 14 days… without getting off the couch!!”

“Hey, isn’t this phone supposed to do neck massage, make a cappuccino… and land the Space Shuttle?”

The advertising and the hype just didn’t match the product.

Companies constantly over-promise and under-deliver… it’s an age-old trick called ‘selling stuff’!

“Oh… you want a steering wheel with that car Mr Harper… well, that’s an option”

Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story!

Well, this happens in the world of Personal Development too.

Shock, horror.

I know it’s hard to believe that someone might actually care more about telling you what you want to hear, or making money than helping you… but try and get your head around it.

Crazy concept I know.

Am I doing the sarcasm thing again?


Sure, there are some amazing, genuine people out there who are doing their best to ‘be the change’… and then there are those who are peddling lies or at the very least, half truths.

Too many ‘wanna-be experts’ espouse messages that are misleading, unrealistic, impractical and potentially dangerous. Good for selling books, not so good for creating real-life results… forever change.

In a culture which is desperate for a shortcut (we are the quick-fix generation) it’s easy to sell lies because so many of us don’t wanna buy the truth… it’s not nearly as attractive. We spend millions every day on weight-loss products because we get sucked in by terms like ‘quick, easy, fast and painless’… and we continue to get fatter… because all that crap doesn’t work!!

“Yep, I’m gonna get me some o’ those seven minute abs!!”

Good luck with that.

It’s true, we are an incredibly gullible society, desperate to find an easy way rather than discovering the most effective way.

We don’t need more ‘success’ theories or shortcuts, we need practical, proven, common sense, results-based strategies.


More reality, less fluff.

More honesty, less razzle-dazzle.

For how much longer will we continue to complicate the simple?

Re-invent the Self Help wheel?

Go around in ever-expanding Personal Development circles?

How many different ways can we say the same thing?

If we were to believe some people, it’s a wonder that any of us achieved anything before they arrived on the Personal Development landscape with their new ‘success’ systems and programs.

Lucky us.

Call me crazy, call me old-fashioned… but I (stupidly) still embrace some of those wacky archaic notions like self-control, discipline, planning, determination, focus, passion, commitment and hard work.

I know, I’m out of date.

So out of touch.

Hard work… there’s a term you won’t see in any advertising literature… can’t sell that!

The reality is that creating our best life and fulfilling our potential will always involve a level of pain, discomfort, blood, sweat, tears and commitment. But try and find those facts on the front of a Self-Help book or in the advertising for any Personal Development program.

I won’t get too specific about books, programs or individuals (I have an aversion to litigation) but let’s just say that you would be well advised to question, explore and consider for yourselves before you buy into someone else’s (version of) reality, success or change.

I always tell my audiences “don’t believe me… simply listen, consider what I say and then judge for yourself. See if something that I say resonates within you.” You need to find your own truth among the ever-increasing mountain of Personal Development information.

Is it possible to create amazing, mind-blowing outcomes in our life?


Is it quick, easy, simple and painless?

Typically not.

Is it worth making the effort?


I’m at the front of the queue when it comes to encouraging people to create their own amazing life… relationships, health, career, finances, happiness, fun. And while I believe that most of us are exploding with talent and potential and can do and achieve amazing things, I am also passionate about teaching people the realistic, no-frills, this-is-what-really-works approach to creating their best life.

I care about what happens when the ‘Guru’ leaves town, the hype and the ‘motivation’ have died down, you’re not ‘in state’, you’re not ‘in the zone’, your back is a bit sore, the kids are screaming, the bills are mounting and the emotional impact of the workshop, the book, the seminar, the DVD or the CD has long gone. Creating forever change ain’t about moments of motivation and inspiration… and it ain’t about books, programs or even this article; it’s about what you do over the course of a lifetime!!!

A few of my favourite(?) lies:

The lie: You deserve it.

The truth: You earn it, you create it, you work for it.

The lie: If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.

The truth: Not always. I can picture myself running a hundred metres in nine seconds all I want… but it ain’t gonna happen. I can picture myself being a rock star in front of 50,000 screaming fans… but sadly, no chance – it also takes some talent. It’s great to visualise and create a mental picture, it’s also wise to be practical and realistic.

The lie: Motivation will get you there.

The truth: It won’t, motivation comes and goes. It’s about commitment – that’s what keeps us going when the motivation is absent. It’s about being totally emotionally invested into that endeavour so that even when you don’t ‘feel like it’, you’re still doing what you need to do to create your desired outcomes. When most people have thrown in the towel, you persevere.

The lie: If it’s meant to be, the Universe will deliver it to you.

The truth: That’s crap. The Universe doesn’t give a shit about you.

As I’ve said before, the traditional concept of destiny is the refuge of the weak. It’s for lazy, fearful people who don’t wanna get off their ass and take charge of their own life. Some people would have you believe that your future is some pre-determined event that you happen to be an unwilling participant in. Enjoy that reality… the rest of us will be over here creating our own amazing future.

The lie: This book, program, CD, DVD, website… will change your life.

The truth: You will change your life.
Craig Harper (B.Ex.Sci.) is the #1 ranked Motivational Speaker by Google. He is a qualified exercise scientist, author, columnist, radio presenter, television host and owner of one of the largest personal training centres in the world.Motivational Speaker – Craig Harper
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