It is easy to hurt someone by just saying a simple world. Yet the influence of a simple encourage word is beyond one’s imagination. It is just like a Chinese saying that the speaker does not mean it while the listener may take it seriously.

“How stupid you are” a mother shouted at her 6-year old boy. The reason is that the little boy walked a little bit far away from her. When this mother was shouting to her boy, her voice was loud enough to have everybody heard around the street. However, she even did not notice that her little boy went to her with his head down, staring the ground speechless.

That kind of matter is a very short moment, which we could see on many streets. However, it is the short moment that will stay in someone’s bottom of heart forever, leaving a negative impact. “How stupid you are” will stay at the little boy’s mind for a long time.

I heard of a 48-year old professional writer named Milk, who made great achievement in his past 24 years. And I, luckily, know the real story about him that his life was changed by only two words.

He told me that he was a very shy and coward boy with no friends and no confidence in his youth. He always felt that he could do nothing. However, his English teacher, Ms Browns, left them a piece of homework. They are supposed to finish reading a novel written by Harpo, and then they should continue to written another paragraph. Milk finished his homework carefully and handed in. He can not remember what he wrote and his score, yet what he could remember clearly in his composition notebook was the two words” Well Done”, which changed his whole life.

“I do not know who I am and I also do not what I can do in the future,” Milk said, “yet I found my confidence after I read Ms Browns’ comments. I wrote one more novel after I went back home. In fact, writing has been the thing that I dreamed to do. However, I do not believe I could do that.” Afterwards, he wrote many novels in his spare time. He brought all those to his teacher for her comments. Ms Brown commented all his works seriously. “What she has done is all that I need at that moment.” Mike said.

Later, he was appointed as the school editor, which doubled his confidence and opened his mind. Since then, his successful and meaningful life began. Milk strongly believed that he would have nothing without Ms Browns’ two encouraging words. He often goes back to school to see his teacher, who has retired now. He even told her the influence by the two words she gave him. He could become an excellent writer because of her encouraging and support. Ms Brown was also deeply moved by what he said.

Seeing the two stories, I recognize that I could not even go to college without my mother’s support. She cooked tasty meal for me every day, bought me books, even make me the first one who have a bar phone. How great mother’s love is.

“How stupid you are!”

“Well done!”

How simple the two sentences. However, they can even change one’s life. We hope that all the parents could encourage their children instead of saying some negative word. Remember you could change.

I like writing, especially write down what happened in my life. I like climbing. If you have the same interest as me, just join me. I like making friends!
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