I can’t believe how much has happened in a few short weeks.

Being accepted to Alex Jeffreys coaching class …………………………….. & now this!

I have been asked to be “interviewed” for a great new website

>>>> http://www.StudentsOfAlex.com

Yep, “ME” … can you believe it!

As I started my on-line venture, Alex taught me that it was about the right frame of mind. I guess I must be there. I must be doing something right, huh!

My Profit Pulling Center is up and running…

I have made so many Internet Marketing friends ….

Progress, I tell you has been unbelievable..from having nothing on the internet and understanding very little. To be totally honest I was really put off about the whole thing as there just seem to be so much to learn, it was intimidating. I now have my site up and running and people coming to my site and leaving fantastic and supportive comments.

And to finish it all off, some people are now asking me for help on how to do things…how about that!…I just can’t believe it and it has taken only weeks not months.. and finally!
2009 WILL be my year!

Now I will actually be on a website of proportion history.

Mark Call and Mark Austin, fellow students, have put this site together. It is awesome, and I am honored to part of it!

Can’t wait for you to see it!

>>>> http://www.StudentsOfAlex.com

There will be many interviews from many great Internet Marketers, plus, a Resource Section and more.

Mark and Mark (aka The Incredible Mark’s)LOL plan on keeping the site updated for years to come.

I will let you know as soon as MY interview is live!

Keep safe and happy….best wishes