Each of us are living, breathing human beings made of flesh and blood. All of us also have feelings and emotions. In addition, our Maker has blessed us with talents. Some of us are aware of these talents, some of us are made aware of these talents because they have been noticed by others and in quite a few of us these talents are still latent.

Also, the honest truth is that each of us is unique and irreplaceable. You’ve been specially chosen to spend a length of time on this planet, and that’s the plan for you, whether you accept it or not.

Our life is like a novel or script with many pages. To begin with, all the pages are more or less blank. A pen has been given to us by our Maker. It’s a unique pen. In fact, it’s magical and cannot be duplicated. When held in your hand, it writes like nobody else can and in colours that nobody on this planet can replicate. Some of us have started filling these blank pages with this magical pen. Some of us have made a start, but have given up, whatever the reason.

 Each of us has to make a choice today. Do we want to recognize the many positives around us, write on these pages and craft out our own, unique bestseller? Or do we want to leave it blank because we are convinced there is nothing to write. The choice is solely ours. The choice to start writing your bestseller today, or the choice to let the book gather dust and confine it to the dust bin, rests with you.

What happens to the blockbuster then? Well, it will follow or not depending on how well each of us has written our own book and if we’ve been successful in making our book i.e. life, a ‘bestseller’. The script for the blockbuster would finally be extracted from your bestseller, right?

So friends, in conclusion, we better make our temporary journey on this planet a ‘Bestseller’ so that when we reach our permanent destination, our ‘CREATOR” gives us a 5 STAR rating. This endorsement will certainly guarantee that our bestseller becomes a ‘BLOCKBUSTER’!

Ivan Rodrigues

Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/motivational-articles/write-your-own-bestseller-make-your-own-blockbuster-946265.html