Many people want to change their lives for the better. It seems that the majority of individuals are unhappy with some aspect of how they are living. Perhaps they would like to lose some weight. Some want to improve their relationships. And others want a successful career path. Regardless of what someone wants to change, there is a model available to follow. Unfortunately for some, to be effective one needs avoid certain pitfalls that befall so many. Avoid these to increase the chances that you will be able to make the changes necessary in your life.

Here are the 10 most common killers to personal development.

1.Being a ‘know-it-all’: It is always interesting to see someone who wants to make a change because the results that they are presently receiving are causing them pain. They are not successful doing what they are doing. However, when suggestions are offered they immediately discount them. They say something like “I already know that” or “I agree with you but ….” They simply are cannot be taught anything. The mind is closed off from any new information. This type of person knows it all.

2.Switching Programs: There are many wonderful teachers and coaches out there. They often have a curriculum of success that they teach. There is a linear path they take people down on the road to achieving the results that are desired. However, switching from teacher-to-teacher usually only leads to confusion while reducing the results attained. For example, there are programs that show people how to pick winning stocks using fundamental analysis. There are also ones that teach about technical analysis. For either will yield tremendous benefits (assuming the program is a good one). However, if one tries to switch back and forth, the stocks they pick will likely fail to deliver the results desired. Choose one curriculum that suits you and stick with it.

3.Failing to believe this stuff works: The self improvement industry often gets a bad rap from people. Sure there are individuals who are promoting things that do not work. Unethical people exist in every spectrum. However, the bottom line is that millions of people have changed their lives completely by implementing the teaching of personal development experts. However, if you believe that none of it works, that is a guarantee that it will not.


4.Lacking the commitment to change: Many have the desire to change certain aspects of their lives. Yet most do not have the overwhelming commitment to do anything about it. It is like the alcoholic who knows that he has a problem yet continues drinking anyway. He might want to stop but his actions tell another story. If you hope, wish, want, pray, or think you want to change something, the odds are that everything will remain the same. When you are committed to changing something, the chances increase substantially that you will make it happen.

5.Lacking consistency: Habits are like muscles. They get more powerful the more we work them out. To develop good habits, it is imperative that we attend to them on a regular basis. Attempting to follow a self help program for a few days then setting it aside for 3 months will do little to change anything. Personal growth is a full-time practice. Developing the qualities that we desire and make us successful are gained through repetition. Over time, we get better at anything we put consistent effort in to. Treat you personal development the same way that a top athlete treats his or her exercise program.

6.Blaming others: There are times when you will encounter challenges along the way. Old behaviors can be extremely difficult to change. Sometimes we get frustrated at the progress we are making. However, our egos will not allow us to take responsibility for what is occurring. This is when the tendency to blame others just up. We believe that we would succeed if only “our _________ would have been supportive” or “if I didn’t have to do ________”. The excuses that arise will be many. Resist this temptation since your life is your responsibility. If there is something that is not working for you, make the necessary changes to get yourself on the proper path.

7.Failing to take action: Improvement is an action business. It does not occur by reading a book, listening to audio programs, or going to classes. These sources provide us with the valuable information. However, for anything to be effective, it must be put into use. Life is a contact sport. It involves action. To grow, we must have the willingness to do what we are taught. Gaining information is imperative at the beginning yet we encounter a time when the “book learning” ceases. Studying weightlifting will do nothing unless we actually get into the gym. Act upon the information you learn.

8.Quitting: We live in a world that is conditioned for instant gratification. The desire is to do something once and receive all the benefits of one who has worked at it for decades. The habits and traits that are present within us now took a long time to develop. It took decades for you to become the person that you are. Do not expect everything to change overnight. Be persistent in your pursuit of improvement. It will come with continued effort and attention. However, giving up is a guarantee that nothing will be different.

9.Hanging out with bad influences: Hang out in a barber shop and sooner or later you will get a haircut. We are product of our environments. The influences that others have upon us in shaping the people we become are incredible. If you take the necessary action to change something about your life, do not sabotage your efforts be interacting with people who are exactly like what you are attempting to alter. Studies have shown that people’s income is within a few thousand dollars of the average of the 10 people that they spend the most time with. If you desire more money, hang out with a higher class of people.

10.Allowing negativity to make decisions: Self improvement is centers largely in the mind. Like anything, there are challenges along the way. Life circumstances are present regardless of what we are doing to grow. It is easy to allow the negative self talk to hinder our progress. When you find yourself in this situation, do not believe what your mind is telling you. It is the greatest liar in the world. The mind strives for one thing, certainty. It abhors uncertainty. Change creates a situation where the mind is uncertain. To combat this, it will tell you anything that will prevent you from moving forward. Hence all the negative ideas which pop into your head. Resist the tendency to make decisions based upon this negative information. Show some perseverance while trudging forward.
Dennis Harting is the Head Coach at Your Rich Life. He is an acclaimed speaker, trainer, and best-selling author. His international best selling books include Your Easiest Million and The Ultimate Procrastination Handbook. He also has had thousands of articles published worldwide. His programs and more information can be found at
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