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 I have been working away… almost to the full exclusion of everything else to put this together as my first eBook. Like most things when you start, you think it shouldn’t take too long… well I do in my case… just ask my wife…when ever I say I’ll be 10 minutes, she says I’ll see you in an hour!

This eBook takes a different look at how to write an eBook. There is plenty of information out there on the logical steps to follow on selecting a topic, etc, etc. etc. However, there is very little explaining on how to look at and communicate the information in your eBook to others in such a way that you talk to all the people , get their interest, their attention and get them to want to stay and read more…

As you might of guessed this is a subject that has always fascinated me, and is now my area of career choice as a Coach… its become a bit of a passion… don’t get me started, I will talk about it for ever….

Getting back on subject. ..communication is about hooking people’s interest and attention and then taking “to them” NOT “at them”, “working with them to understand” NOT “doing something to them”. The eBook gives you the steps… the 4 SECRET steps… on how to use this for writing eBooks and being the author of choice… that just knows how to talk to people and connect!

You will learn about the:

* 4 Ways People See Things: “See to Hear”; “Hear to See”; “Think to See”; “Feel to See”
* 4 Ways People Learn: Innovative; Analytic; Common Sense; Dynamic Learners
* 4 Secret Steps: You have to read the eBook for this one… but luckily its FREE!

I have had a lot of fun putting this eBook together and there are a lot of insights in it…I am sure you will be finding yourself saying…Aaah..no wonder, that’s why I do that… and more importantly… that’s why they react that way!


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