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The Past Only Equals The Future If YOU Choose To Live There…
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“The secret to success is consistency of purpose, readiness for responsibility and the taking of action; knowing not thinking, doing not trying achieves dreams!”

~ Paul Mracek

The Kotan Method

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The Secret to Life and Balance

Are YOU:Feeling overwhelmed & Don’t know where to start; Time Poor; Fatigued; Running out of Energy? Find out the secrets of the TEMP cycle…

Safe, Smart, Realistic Self Protection

Road, Work or Social Rage, Confrontation or Bullying..we all experience it..What would you do to protect your family and yourself?

Become a Coach in NLP

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Achieving Success is determined by how ready you are and the resources you have to fight through time constraints, productivity limits, communication bottlenecks and how well you can manage work / life balance, deal with complex information, cultivate relationships and remain steadfast to achieving real outcomes. Your confidence, resilience and ability will be tested again and again.

There are 6 areas in life that everybody are constantly juggling in an effort to achieve their goals.

Life provides constant challenges, and learning’s!

What challenges do you have in your life? It could be your greatest opportunity!


New - The Warrior Mindset for Women

Secrets for Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Makes you think what you’ve been doing all this time…Doesn’t it?

There are two common words that is constantly used, can you guess what they are…nearly everybody uses them?

They are “Think and Try” and those who constantly use these words are living in “Hope” that what ever they do will work out in the end.

So, let me ask you again..Have you had enough yet, and do you really want to know the answers to the questions you’re asking?

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