I may not be able to give you the blueprint for success. But if you follow these five steps, I can assure you, you will end 2010 worse off than 2009.

1. Focus on what went wrong

In most of the things that we do, there is a positive side and a negative side. This is especially true if we are starting new. If you focus on what went wrong and all the worst things that can happen in the future, it will make you feel like a train-wreck – and will even stop you from taking any corrective action.

2. Worry about what others think about you

Many people really do not care on what you dress, where you work and what you drive. Constantly thinking about what others might think of you is a sure fire way to give the control of your life to others.

3. Just do what you are asked to do

If you do your work just because someone has asked you to do it, or just because someone just paid you to do it, it will not take you far in life. People who are willing to go the extra mile get the rewards. Sometimes the results will not be immediate, but with determination and discipline, the hard and smart workers will reap the benefits.

4. Eat all you want and do not exercise

This is self-explanatory because you are really what you eat. If you constantly eat junk-food, sooner or later it will show up around your waist and in some point in life even in your medical bill.

5. Spend hours daily on facebook, twitter and forums

Online forums and social media can be great tools for communication and could be great time wasters as well. We all have the same finite 24 hours everyday, and you must consciously decided in which activities you are going to invest your time in.

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