You might find some time when you need to ask something from others. Yet, asking something to others is not an easy thing to do. They can refuse your request anytime they wish. But, using these persuasive techniques, you can make anyone say yes to your request quickly.

1. Enhance your value

Think about your request. Does your request have any value for him? If what they receive is greater than their effort to help you, then they will likely say YES to your request. What you ask should be something that will benefit him too. If it will not benefit him, you should only ask for a small thing.

2. Show your interest

When communicating your request with him, it is good for you to precede it with casual conversation. But, what you need to pay attention is what he says to you throughout the conversation. Make sure that you are showing honest interest in what he says. It will help you to persuade him to help you.

So, once you’ve approached him, find a way to establish good conversation with him. You can give him some comments about what he wears or something.


There’s a useful tip for you that can make your conversation successful and finally persuade him to do something for you: you should ask questions that will make him to feel proud about himself. In other words, throw some compliments to him throughout the conversation.

3. Let him know that other people are doing it too

People will usually do something that other people are doing. This is often called herd mentality. Trend is a perfect example of this herd mentality case. And it is really applicable for you to use this mentality to persuade someone to help you. The main thing would be to make him know that other people are also doing the same thing that you request happily. It will motivate him to do something for you.

4. Make him to feel good with humor

If you want to successfully persuade anyone to say yes, you just need to make him to feel good about himself. One of the best ways is to laugh together with him. Laughing can help to elevate his mood so that you can further get cooperation from him. If you are good at throwing clean jokes, then do it before you make him say yes to your request. Good humor will surely help you to do this successfully.

5. Give him respect

You need to earn some respect from him in order to make him to say yes to whatever you ask from him. And you can’t get some respect instantly; you need to earn your respect. You should give him respect and do favors for him before you ask him to do something. In this way, you will get your respect and he will follow your request.

Those are 5 simple persuasive techniques to make anyone say yes to your request easily. You will seldom hear refusal from someone once you apply the techniques above when asking for help.
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