Tension is blamed to be the key cause for the deaths of millions of people across the world who don’t know when to adopt day out . Millions are faced with daily problems which could be work related most of the time. Stress can cause a whole lot of physical problems. If there is not enough time to rest, there isn’t time to relax, less time to eat well and no time to get enough sleep either. It is because of this inability to relax that a terrific many cannot even find relief in sleep. Because of all the job related stresses, there a who plethora of diseases which should develop. If only there is an answer to all of this.

First thigs first – take it out of your head that there is certainly not enough time. There is always time, if in case you have time management at your fingertips. With time management, there is always time. Then there is also the distinction between quality time and the quantity of time. The following are just five effortless time management tasks you need to do for your own to gain you that time.

1. Number one on the tips for time management is to prioritize. With the many things you face every single day as a modern individual, you need to make up your mind about what could be the most important thing in your life: yourself, your family and relations, your life and health or your work?

2. Next is you have to learn to more assertive. You need to learn to say “NO” to people and to certain tasks. Not being able to accomplish this could leave you open to abuse. You ought to say the words and mean them, as well. Saying the words and not mean them is useless.

3. If you are in a position of authority and so they call you a workaholic, then you must learn to delegate the countless tasks. Again, this is the result of prioritizing. Train the people under you to do certain things. Obviously you know what you do but this does not mean that you have to spread yourself too thin and disappear in the process.

4. Then there’s those so proud to announce to the whole world that they are definitely such great workers they can actually multitask themselves. But then again, you might not bear in mind  that multitasking is one great source for stress. So please, learn to do things one at a time. In the long term it is healthier for everyone.

5. Finally, have you ever heard that sometimes it is healthier for you if you were a little selfish, just a little bit? You are your first priority, every one in a life. And meaning prioritizing your life and family over all others. Do you realize that the failure to acknowledge this is one of the main explanation why there are actually a whole lot of divorces? Well, now you know.


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