Betrayed? Blameworthy? Regretful? Broken hearted? Without doubt, there is so much emotion at risk after a break up. It is part of life. No affairs are identical. Some can last while others are meant to crash. People also deal differently with disappointments. To effectively deal with the harsh impact of break up, there are healthy ways that one can choose to do and here are some of them:
Cry And Take Away All Negativity
There is no perfect relationship. People often find it difficult to accept a failed relationship. It is okay to cry. Crying is not bad, healthy even. It releases negative feelings and can improve one’s mood. Of course you got hurt, you cry. If you’re a robot, you will not cry. But you have feelings. You’re human. Think of a child, running a race. As he was turning down the road, he coincidentally slipped and hurt his knees. He cried for a few minutes. But after realizing what happened, he wiped his tears, stood up and moved on. Races are like relationships. One can trip but it doesn’t stop there. There’s still life ahead.
Skip The Drama And Don’t Point Out Faults
There’s no perfect relationship and no perfect people. Period. Everyone can commit mistakes in one way or another. So never blame and make other people feel bad. If the relationship is not working and the issues are insolvable, check the best options. You wouldn’t want to stay if you are just imposed to, right?


Accept The Situation
Before you can really advance, you have to learn the reality of the situation. The reality is, the two of you parted ways. Let it sinks in. Know that this chapter of your life is closed. As not to make matters complex, avoid fantasizing that your ex will crawl back to your arms and the whole thing will be okay again. Just remember that a phase of your life has closed but not your life per say. You still have a chance to progress. Lingering to an old love can only make things complex for you and your ex.
Learn From The Experience
Experience is the best teacher. Let the things that happened to you be a life lesson. In the process, learn to forgive yourself and your ex. You wouldn’t want to commit the same mistakes twice. However, don’t judge people just because you’ve been hurt. If you’ve been betrayed, don’t presuppose that all people will betray you. Once you forgive, remove all the depressing vibes. That way, you can move on and open a new chapter in life.
Surround Yourself With Positive People And Things
Always have hope and hold on to your faith. To stay positive you can read motivational books and uplifting quotes online or from friends. Listen to good composition. Try to avoid activities that will remind you of the distress and pain. Keeping a healthy state of mind will help you stay sane especially in these trying times. Also, do not surround yourself with bad influence individuals who will entice you to try drugs, alcohol and other vices. They are not the people you should go with if you want to move on with life productively.
It takes risks and hard work to stay in love. Problems are inevitable. It helps make the relationship stronger. Then again, if circumstances arise when problems are already impractical to solve, accept that fact. Before you can progress you have to close this chapter of your life first. It can be hard but not impossible. Good luck!
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