Our personality is what and how we think, feel and behave. We have certain personality that is good. Though, we can never evade from our bad personality. Nobody is perfect. That is why there is some personality development which can help improve oneself into a better person. This good personality development can be acquired through time, as you age and mature; you may also have this if you study and learn.  So here are some tips for your personality development.

Time is gold

Manage your time effectively and efficiently. Work harder, smarter and faster. You should know the priorities, work it out and focus. Do not waste time on unnecessary things.


Take the risk

Taking the risk is the stepping stone to the change for the better. Do not be afraid to fail or commit mistakes. For in failure is just an experience that will motivate you to try harder. If you do not risk, there is high probability you are still stuck to a situation with no improvement at all.


Do not settle for less


Always try your best. Set your standards to the highest, yet still realistic. Aim and soar high but do not forget to set it to the highest of what you can only achieve.  Nobody ever goes higher by just doing the average.


Stand up

We can never please everybody. There will always be people who will try to pull you down. Do not waste your time on them. Do not give them your time and attention. Instead, stand up and ignore them. They will soon evaporate as you ignore them constantly.


Get out of comfort zone

Step out from your shell and try something new. Explore and learn. Just like taking the risk, getting yourself out from the comfort zone could be the step to the change you just needed. If you just stay of where you are and do the things you usually do, how could there be a change?



The key to any kind of relationship is the communication. It is a two-way process where both ends understand what each other say. It is also the key for a person to know how he feels and give him the necessary comfort, advice or suggestion he needs.


Do not make excuses

Admit your mistake before anybody else does and exaggerate it. Do not forget those people want to bring you down. They will do it for you. So before that happens, you need to be responsible of the things that went wrong and correct them initially. Do not run away from it for it will never be fixed. The reality is still there, that something is wrong.



Be flexible with your time, effort, attitude and everything else except principles. Give what is needed. If you need to stretch your hands an extra mile to help, do it. Do not be flexible with principles. Stand on what you believe in and do not act like a fool who always change its principle depending on people he is with. We are human. We think. We know ourselves and what we really like and stand.


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