The personal development business is growing at an unprecedented rate. Though different studies show their own unique set of numbers, everyone agrees that the self-improvement business and the personal development industry are on the rise again. People don’t just want a job where all they do is clock in, clock out and just go through the motions. People are looking for more. Many feel the need to find something more fulfilling, something that they can feel passionate about and something where they feel like they are growing every day and feeling a sense of purpose.

People are no longer sitting back, waiting for success to fall into their laps. For example, the number of high school graduates who went immediately into college increased from 55.7% in 2004 to nearly 62% in 2006. The number of “express workout gyms” has gone from insignificant to over 10,000 in the past decade.

Also, self-help books have exceeded $600 million in annual sales. Even though self-help books were virtually non-existent over a century ago, personal development is estimated to jump over the $14 billion mark in 2010. In just the past few years, the exponential growth of this industry has far surpassed the 10-12% yearly growth rate.

So, who are these people who want to improve themselves? Even though the younger generations are prevalent in this trend, most agree that the Baby Boomers are leading the pack. Through the sales of self help books and audio books, the increasing number of personal life coaches, the rising interest in vitamins and holistic health approaches, or even the increasing trend of people going back to school to earn a new degree or skill, everyone involved is experiencing a positive effect.

People are seeing personal development businesses as an opportunity to become smarter, more efficient, healthier, and increasingly energetic, boosting their skills and motivation, thus becoming more successful in everything they do. Success in life has a strong correlation to an increased income level, as well.

Imagine that you and a coworker are both seeking a promotion at your work. If your coworker is listening to self help CDs, reading books about self improvement, attending evening courses to learn a new language, and reading journals related to your industry, while you are just “doing your job”, who do you think that management is going to pick for the promotion?

Self improvement increases your skills and abilities. That part is obvious. The more subtle effect, though, is that self improvement also boosts your confidence. When you grow or learn something new, that’s one more success story for your ego. It doesn’t have to result in an overinflated ego; but it can yield an assuredness, a sense of self-worth that legitimately increases your belief that you can take on the world, and it affects your management’s perceptions as well.

Personal growth and personal development bring success into your life. If you’re not learning and growing, then by default, you will be stagnating and dying. Rather than having an apathetic attitude about growth and change, join the bandwagon towards a better life. By learning a new skill, working on healthier habits, and boosting your personal power, you will be a better asset to everyone and everything in your life.

Harness the growth of this industry. As self realization floods the mainstream, increasingly, individuals are seeking alternatives for a personal development business to increase their income exponentially. Always remember that you’re paid according to your mind set. If it’s to be, it’s up to me.
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