A Symbol of Temptation Brought from Underwear


What incredible is that none of men whom I have been associated with actually was surprised to the thing that I’m wearing black underwear.


Reading pictures seen as contraband by my mom,and I have to compile the various excuses to hide in storage,which make the black-out underwear become a symbol of temptation for me.So as long as I got university admission,I decided to spend the extra living expenses in buying black underwear immediately. But in my heart, this behavior is a way that these perverse sexuality or sexually active women express their wives.So although I stood in front of the clothing and wanted to buy them for many times, I left eventually.That clothing store hanged handwritten label sweater, jacket with gold buttons,and his window also displays a beautiful lace underwear.Although without black color, I think I should go back and ask them about that balck underwear. In fact,I was just standing like in the grocery markets where mingled the smell of boys sweat with the deep fried taste, which make me discomfort and embarrassment. Then I decided to moved to a bright and spacious store. I stood in lingerie department of a department store, where I can see a group of women with angry facial,gross, very firmly expressions, as if looking for food in garbage.There a lady and another woman find a lingerie at the same time, and no one refused to give up. No, that approach of exhibitions and sales is too vulgar for me!

Finally,I bought a two-piece lingerie hung on the plastic,with black lace.However whenever I put on them, the smell of department stores or supermarkets will come in, which make the magic of black underwear disappeared.


The second time when I buy black underwear, I mustered the courage to walk into a high-level underwear store opening for a dozen years, where the older saleswoman all filled breasts like the bulging hard towering.they told the guests about the latest information on underwear in tremendous amount,but unfortunately which was too far carefully. One saleswoman serviced me stoke a pencil in my right chest in the dressing room, and the pencil dropped to the floor immediately.She said wildly as announced the winners,”you even did not need to wear a bra.” She don’t knows that buying black underwear for me has other hidden purposes,in addition to practical functions.

But I find what incredible is that none of men whom I have been associated with, actually was surprised to the thing that I’m wearing black underwear.what a explosive thing!

Obviously, from my birthday to graduation from high school, the immoral reputation of black underwear has rapidly declined as once was.


Even this fact caused me considerable frustration. When Mr A walked into my life, I still chose to wear black underwear.


Mr A clearly has too much passion,and no time to look at my underwear.If not be given some indications, he can not even tell wether they are white, red, or pink.


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