Contortion of thoughts leads towards a dead end. Just like a train suddenly changes its track automatically without intimation, without knowing where this track leads to. Consequently it all ends up with a tragic accident leaving behind casualties. Some survivors find their remaining life boxed with fear, uncertainity and horrible memories. So a question arises how did it happen?  How a train changed its tracks? Though a driver was there aware of his destination. Of course it’s his duty to take control any time train goes off the track. What would have happened? Driver might have been sleeping; he might have lost his focus, what else can be guessed? But in my opinion there must be a salient reason, he might have been day dreaming full of fantasies resulting the train stuck against odds.

So day dreaming results in failure. Why? Many people ask. Certainly dreaming is an instinct gifted by the creator so how it ends up in failure? But I used a word Day Dreaming, means dreaming with open eyes considering ourselves the king of kingdom, sleeping in the lap of queen or enjoying the maids around. What is feels? Yes it gives pleasure but when flight returns to planet earth where one finds him? Same place, same people, same environment. Nothing changes not even a stone above the ground. So answer is that every Day Dream requires action and with out action things are dead rather fail. What if you think a lot about doing something mentally but practically you don’t want to move a bit? Who will do this? Its your dream and you are responsible to full fill it.

Take action, be responsible of who you are and what your actions are. And from where theses actions comes from? It’s the power of FOCUS. If you dream then you have FOCUS on its success, have to take actions and embrace the queen of glory. That the only way lead straight towards success.

So Stay FOCUS, take action and get what you want

love writing, composing music, graphic designing. besides A motivation that every one needs every time attracts me lot so i choose to write.

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