Life is too short so try to enjoy it, wisely. Many people take life so seriously that they end up missing out on the joys that come with it. Do not dwell so much on your past mistakes and misfortunes, this will only pull you back. Your past has no real significance when it comes to determining your destiny in life.

People who have succeed in life never dreamt to be there in the first place but rather circumstances forced them to respond and hence propelled them to the top. Life set backs are perfect catalysts that you should use to achieve success. It is very sad to witness people giving up just because they uncounted challenges. If only people knew that they just need to hold on a little bit and they would usher themselves into real stardom.

When my friend lost his job as a marketing manager, he did not start morning and resigning to fate. He quickly picked himself up and thought of getting into business. Getting a job has never been the answer into achieving success in life. So in case you are trying to land a job and it is proving to be futile, think outside the box and device ways of touching the lives of people.

Look around your community and you will discover people are willing to release their money for services. Instead of blaming God for your circumstances, wake up and act. We pray for God to open doors in our life and yet God has gives us keys to open doors. We have the keys to success but the sad part is that we stand in front of the doors knocking.

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