Next Gear for Alex J’s Students – putting theory into practice..follow the ups and downs live!!

Just a quick post, as I am already running late to go to training..seems to be way a bit lately since starting Alex’s course..always thinking of more things to do!

Wow..what a call last night we had a long one again..boy does Alex over deliver on his training sessions. Anyway to the point..Alex put out a challenge to all of us students on getting our butt’s into gear!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been putting a blog together and online and a PPP site as well and now its time to get things moved up a gear and look to see how we can get traffic to our sites. Well after all that’s why we are doing this isn’t it?

So we have to write on our blogs how we are going about getting traffic to our sites and what success we have in the various things we try! That’s GOOD for YOU so you get to see first hand what works and what doesn’t, NOT so GOOD for US as we go through all the pain and suffering trying to work it out…well not so bad it will be fun doing it…especially seeing there are a lot Alex’s students that we can learn off as well.

Anyway got to go now, otherwise I will get the rocket from the boss who should be obeyed..
So settled down and log in to see how I go in building this business on line and the ooooppppsss’s that I make along the way, should be a good laugh as well as some learning..what else can you ask for.

So do me a favour subscribe to the RSS feed and you’ll get the updates live as they happen and also most importantly LEAVE ME YOUR COMMENTS…I need all the HELP I can get as to what to try…appreciate any help I can get..

Back to you soon…got to go now….

Best wishes…Paul