Once he got there he was amazed by it. Believe it or not, the above paragraph is hypnotic. While it appears to be innocent, I’m using psychological devices. See if you can spot them (but don’t worry, I’ll tell you what they are later). Its okay if you can’t see them, but important you learn in case you don’t know why it is hypnotic.


Well, the truth is there is a lot of hypnosis being used in today’s day in age, and most people that haven’t developed a trained ear for it will always be quietly influenced by it.

Does that sound paranoid? Well, exactly what a certified hypnotherapists like me wants you to believe. If you “assume” it’s not true, then the hypnotist retains the power to secretly influence.

Think about it: suppose there was some sort of conspiracy happening and you were the leader. Wouldn’t you want a “crazy” group of people parading around in protest?

If you think the answer is no then you’re right. Nobody wants any information to leak out, but if it does then you would want a small group of protesters – or maybe even start one yourself.

That’s what I did. When other hypnotherapists found out I was revealing information about covert hypnosis they didn’t like it. So I beat them to the punch and formed a “hippie” anti-Nathan group.


I invite you to draw your own conclusions. Just ask what you think when you see a group of hippie protesters. Its highly unlikely the average person is going to want to join them – let alone believe them. People are herd followers, and most people will only follow the majority.

Why would anyone want to be on the losing side?

They wouldn’t.

So as it turns out, some people call me a witchcrafter, others call me the work of the devil – but hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

I decided to release covert hypnosis information to the general public because its used all the time right under their noses. And just because it can be used to seduce women, spawn cult leaders, and make money doesn’t mean its my fault people use it that way.

In other words, I can hand you a loaded gun but it doesn’t mean that you have to pull the trigger – or even hold it (let alone point it at anyone).

On the flipside, covert hypnosis knowledge is good to know because you can stop it dead in its tracks. You’ll be able to spot it, disarm it, and retaliate. Plus, it can be used ethically. Imagine helping someone who is depressed feel a lot better, for example.

Anyway, I’ve used a lot of covert hypnosis in this article already. There is “wops, ambiguity, metaphors, perceptive associations” and so on. If it sounds complicated don’t worry, they’re just fancy lables for easy methods.

For example, remember the beginning of the article? I told you the first paragraph was hypnotic. You read a story about what “my friend said and did”… He visited the website at the end of the article and was amazed by it, remember? Let’s look at this closer now… The story only makes sense to you by relating to my friends experience. In other words, you “imagine” saying and doing what my friend did and said.

The simple sentence (to read the article to the end) then puts you into the future – you imagine reading the article to the end. Since the brain tends to follow what is imagined – you are still reading this, aren’t you?

I’ve also repeated myself a few times about reading this article to the end, and visiting the website when you finish this article (<– I just said it again), so it makes it even more probable for you to do it. Why wouldn’t you? Its not like I’m insulting you. I’m actually quite likable.


Because I’m giving you some powerful secrets. People that tend to receive a gift from someone feel the need to give back. It also makes me likable. Everyone loves a giver!

In fact, I haven’t even asked you to do anything for me in return. I’m just teaching you some covert hypnosis. And just as so long as you enjoy it, you can learn more if (or when) you make that choice.

Now there was yet more hypnosis just used. The hypnotic phrase “when you” implies you’re going to do something – the only question is when. In the above paragraph, it was to make the choice to learn more about covert hypnosis. Other hypnotic conversational phrases that work are “as you” and “if you were to” plus a lot more. Even the phrase “you can” is hypnotic.

When you put them together, you can easily see how they work as you notice the blackness of the letters, and then the whiteness of the page. If you were to see it happen then you see that it works, and you can learn more by visiting the site below, and by signing up for a free ebook titled 7:Hypnosis Secrets Guaranteed To Work.

Nathan Blaszak C. H.

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