Reports are given annually by business establishments and companies who take orders from a board of directors. A person in charge of this reporting is considered as a keynote speaker during that meeting and they need to report everything about the business establishment or company they are working for. This is to ensure the board of directors that they may continue supporting and financing the company because of the progress that it has made and the innovation it has produced. The members of these panel of directors are also the one’s to approve or disapprove of certain proposals which are presented to them like putting up a new branch or asking for funding for research on a certain product. Below are some of the key topics a keynote speaker will go over with their panel of directors.

New products and services – Also a topic that a speaker will bring up are the new line of products or services that the company has offered to the public. This is to make sure that the public or the consumers patronize the brand or the company for their excellent new products and their services offered. These new products will greatly help in the rise of sales in the company or business establishment and that would mean more clients will invest and more customers will buy their products and hire their services.


Employee report – One of the points that a keynote speaker will discuss is about their employees and who they have hired on that year and what their jobs description is in the company or business establishment. The board of directors must be kept in touch of the employees who were hired and fired for that year so that they may know what the company’s standing is.

Company proposals – The keynote speaker will discuss regarding several proposals to the board of directors to ask their approval on. May it be a new branch or an office renovation for a certain building. Proposals regarding new products and services are also discussed with the directors to ensure that their approval is initially given before the production will begin. Funding for these new concepts and equipment also require the approval of the directors before funding can be released and distributed to the different branches of the company.

Progress report for the year – It’s a must that a company or business establishment gives their annual report for the year’s progress. Keynote speakers who are in charge of this task will discuss what the company has done that year in order for the directors to be aware of the companies standing. Most of these directors would want their companies to be more productive and advance their production each year so that the board will not decide to shut them down. The main cause of these shut downs are poor sales and the ever dwindling advancement of a company.

The final decision of the board – The panel of directors decision is final so the keynote speakers must ensure that their reports are flawless and their proposals are without any loopholes. This is to make sure that they will get approved easily and so that the directors will be supporting the establishment for many more years to come.   

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