What is an anxiety attack?

What is an anxiety attack? Do you suffer from anxiety disorder? How to deal
with an anxiety attack?

Anxiety attack (also known as panic attack) is a reaction to a specific
situation where you experience excessive stress and worry more than the common
situations that cause you anxiety and stress from time to time.

Julie says when she was in her early twenties; she used to experience anxiety
attacks constantly and her heart starts pounding, especially when she goes to a
new place that is packed with people.  She feels as everybody is watching her
behaviors and moves.

Allen mentions that every time he goes to sing in front of an audience, he
gets panic attack, which makes him forget the lyrics.

As you can see from the above examples, while many people suffer from anxiety
attacks, each one experiences stress in a different form. In other words, what
makes someone stressed and anxious doesn’t necessarily make others feel the
same, which is why I provide you below with 2 steps that will guarantee you
overcome any anxiety attack you might experience.

Symptoms of an anxiety attack
Pounding heart
Shortness of breath
Overcoming an anxiety attack (panic attack)

If your goal is to learn how to overcome an anxiety attack,
follow the guide below:

1.  Analyze the root cause

Anxiety attacks are a result of your negative thoughts. Without such
thoughts, you won’t feel a thing. Whenever you are experiencing a panic attack,
ask yourself “What negative thoughts am I thinking? What is causing me to
worry?” For example, if going to crowded places causes you panic attacks, then
analyze this situation and know its root cause. Are people really scary? Are
people gathering in one place to pick on you? Know that whatever negative answer
you come up with, it will most likely not happen.

As I mentioned in my book “How to overcome worry” that asking
questions and analyzing your thoughts and the root cause will help you in
determining what you need to change about your beliefs and negative

2.  Challenge your thoughts

After you recognized and analyzed the root cause for your panic attack, you
can begin to challenge your thoughts. For instance, if crowded places cause you
anxiety attack as mentioned above, then you can begin to replace this negative
thought to something more positive such as “Crowded place offer me an
opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.”

Focusing on the new and positive thought will help you deal with anxiety
attacks that you encounter from time to time.

Remember, to be able to overcome anxiety attacks, you have got to examine the
root cause and then begin to program your subconscious mind with positive and
supporting statements.

Just as you learned to feel excessive anxiety and panic when you encounter a
specific situation, you can unlearn such behaviors by analyzing the root cause
and challenging your thoughts.

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