Intelligence #1

A Leader who set his or her eyes to succeed in his or her leadership, do not marginalize. He or she create engagement, enlistment, enrollment, recruitment for the citizens especially for those at their spring time of life. A leader should smile upon members of the public to overcome hand-to-mouth existence, eradicate poverty for those in straitened circumstances and empower them to the level of comfortable circumstances.

Intelligence #2

A leader who encourage loose monetary policies should be ready to affix his or her signature on his or her patient submission. A leader who can create can generate! It is in the best interest of a leader to call things that do not exist as though they were and hold preeminence in this life.As a leader, you must create a future that will take care of your followers, and fulfill the purpose of leadership with good principles and purpose.

Intelligence #3

It is very important that leaders get themselves acquainted with facts by developing a political, economic, historical, legal and cultural understanding of the matters of course at action and operation in the global sphere of exertion, intention or altercation. They should skillfully use the skills acquired to become productive and innovative leaders who solve problems in the world.

Intelligence #4

Leaders, who see the creativity in adventure, do exceptional things! Leaders are not just men and women of action but elites who have capability and capacity to think critically and productively.Have distinctive competency in your strategic power

Intelligence #5

A leader must have a self-sufficient and inventive thought of leadership. A leader must exhibit maturity to think in a way that will allow him or her to give himself or herself to sophisticated challenges and get to the bottom of these complicated hard nuts to crack. As a leader, you must offer solutions to economic and socio-political challenges in the system that drives the progress of humanity.

Intelligence #6

Leaders do not bring themselves low to damage a feeling of friendship and fellowship with God. They do not play traitor of a moral obligation to God, neither do they contravene marriage saintliness and worthiness. A leader is a man or women of integrity who has respect for himself or herself, and his or her followers.

Intelligence #7

A leader does not air a grievance;a leader carry an air of glory. A leader’s aptitude and attitude must enable, enlighten and enrich him or her, to achieve excellence and perfection. A leader enhances organizational performance; giving lives a new meaning is the lifestyle of a leader. Be a leader whose strategic power is full of strategic advantage, perfection and excellence.

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