by Matthew Best

I had a great conversation this week about confusing the tools in our lives with
the real deal – the goal we are looking to accomplish. What I mean is that so
often we forget that a tool is just a tool, not the thing that is actually important.
Yet how often do we attach so much importance and significance to the tool that
we lose sight of this? All of a sudden the tool overshadows the goal. We lose
sight of what is important and start to drift, even while we are focused on the

A phone is a tool, yet how often do we forget that the phone is just a tool for
our convenience? Let me ask, do you work for your phone or does the phone work
for you? When do you have to answer it? When it tells you that a call or message
is coming in, or when it’s convenient to your schedule?

A tool is an instrument that can be used to make your life easier, assist you in
accomplishing a goal, or make your work more efficient or effective. What are the tools in your life and your business? Are these tools making your life and business better? Or are they demanding more of your attention, time and energy? Are you confusing these tools with what really matters? Are you placing too much emphasis on the tools and not enough on the goal? Are your tools working for you, or are you working for them – answering their every beck and call? Remember your foundation – the why of what you are doing. The tools merely assist you with the how – remember this as you go through your day today.

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