A long time ago the mighty dinosaur became extinct. It’s hard to imagine such a gigantic creature like that just disappearing.

Yet, it happened!

Today we are faced with another type of extinction, the extinction of our old models for creating a successful and fulfilling life.

Do you feel like you’re carrying an old dinosaur on your back?

Want to learn the secret of letting it go?

In 2002, I walked away from a multi-million dollar business and 19-year career because even with the great financial success I had created, I felt unfulfilled and uninspired!

I had played the game the way society said, and still I was unhappy. I walked away to fulfill a dream and a vision of being a motivational speaker that helped people on their journey through life.

I honestly thought that I would be able to walk into this new venture and make it profitable in three months. Little did I know that I was embarking on such a transformational life journey and it was going to take more than just three months to bring it to fruition!

Needless to say, three months came and went. Two years came and went and still I was struggling!

This was really hard for me considering that in the past every job or venture I took on turned to gold. Now, everything I tried failed miserably!

I always believed that the key to success in life is through hard work and that it is our efforts that produce the success in our lives.

My own past experience told me that I was the creator of my wealth, and if I was going to be successful, it was up to me!

For seven years I went about my business this way and for seven years I struggled! All of the wealth I accumulated got taken away from me!

Before long, I found myself on the edge of financial ruin! Everything I identified myself with like my nice shiny Mercedes, large stock portfolio, all kinds of money in the bank, fancy clothes and retirement fund was gone. Not only that, I was up to my eyeballs in debt!

I was ultimately faced with the reality of letting go of my dream and going back to work. I was distraught and extremely frustrated!

I actually had to go to my father and ask for money. I had reached the breaking point.

I finally broke down and realized that it is not through my efforts that I was going to turn this new venture around.

I finally broke down and said, God, I am letting go! I have nothing left to do and quite honestly, all the doing in the world has gotten me nowhere! I am done and I surrender!

Shortly thereafter I was faced with a major decision. I had $560 in the bank, a $700 dollar bill due and a commitment to tithe 10% of what I made the last two weeks equaling $550.

If I paid the tithe, I would not have money for the bill or for groceries the next week. Needless to say, when you have children to feed, there is a ton of stress, fear and worry when making such a decision.

Recently my wife and I made the agreement to wholeheartedly tithe 10% of what we earn to sources that feed our hearts, minds and spirits.

I took the leap of faith and cut the check and left it up to the universe to take it from there!

The next night I did an interview on a show. The response was out of this world! Our sales skyrocketed and from one evening I attracted over $50,000 in sales! Just like that, the financial burden was lifted!

I realized after that day that we are not the providers of our good and financial abundance. Those things come from a higher source!

Through this experience I was able to let go that old extinct way of thinking that led me to believe that I was the supplier of all that was good in my life.

Just like the dinosaurs, that belief model has become extinct!

We live in a rapidly changing world and if we are going to truly live fulfilling and successful lives, we are all going to need to realize that all the wonderful things in life come from something greater than ourselves.

What you call that is up to you. All I know is that it’s real and able to create much greater prosperity, abundance and success than I was ever able to.

Tired of carrying that dinosaur on your back?

If so, let go and let life, God, Universe or whatever you want to call it take over. You will be so blessed!

Mark Romero – Sound Vibration Healer, Musician and Coach. After a very successful 19 year career in the technology industry Mark Romero walked away to pursue his passion and dream…to do more with his music. He now uses his music, and his life’s lessons, to help others realize their ability to construct successful and inspired lives.
His music heals… A former top-consultant from NASA has proven that Mark’s music has frequencies in it that actually put listeners into a higher state of consciousness and helps them to live healthier, stronger and vital lives. His music can instantly assist individuals to move into a higher state of being that allows the frequencies of their dreams to be in vibrational alignment, through the frequencies of his music.
Mark truly enjoys leading and coaching others to higher levels of success, and has developed a totally unique and never before experienced process. He incorporates his music as a prescription for vibrational change that is helping people to create more passion, purpose, meaning and fulfillment in their professional and day-to-day lives.
Dedicated to empowering and motivating businesses and individuals, Mark infuses his harmonizing music and new ways of thinking — opening doors to untapped possibilities and extraordinary results.

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