RR : Well, she cries once in a while. She cries when you
change her pants.
Don’t tell that, she’ll
live to become embarrassed.
RR : Jordan Lindsay was the 376th baby born here in the
childbirth center here at the city of religion, but now, you know,
it does not just stop because Richard and Lindsay have a baby
up there. Now 407 babies have been born in the
LR : The girls are way ahead.
RR : No, the boys are ahead. The boys are ahead.
LR : Sounded good.
So we had

RR : Jordan Lindsay is fine. She’s’s at home and I am certainly
2 weeks resting and recuperating and slimming down. LR : That’s right, working on it.
RR : Well, we’re here live in front of the town of religion.
Lindsay, this is the 1st program we’ve done outside.
LR : that’s’s right. It’s engaging. But it sure is inspiring

LR : Oh, you are so sweet. I may give you a kiss for that.
RR : I receive that. ( many thanks ) If you had not heard, when I
going to have that baby?’ I announced,’Haven’t you heard? We had a
Tiny Jordan Lindsay was
born, eight pounds, 6 oz. But I’ve got good news, she doesn’t weigh eight pounds, 6 ounces anymore. eating like a horse.
LR : Now, Richard. Yesterday evening I was
feeding her and-
LR : she’s’s giant.
RR : And she was gigantic and she was doing all those things that
You know, she’s got a certain sound that she makes-

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