I was reading something yesterday which reminded me just how many people purchase goods, be they books or audio courses, designed to assist in self development or success systems. This is a huge business; millions of people buy these types of products, which is indicative that there is a clear need for them.

Very few of these people actually use the products as prescribed. In fact, the number who do put them to good effect is, quite frankly, miniscule. The observation which I read yesterday (made by Mark Joyner) is a great demonstration of this phenomenon. Mark once asked every delegate at a conference whether or not they had read a particular book by Napoleon Hill. Everyone said that they had. When asked if they believed that the principles set out in that book would work for them, they all agreed that they would.

Mark proceeded to ask these same delegates to recite an affirmation/mantra from page 38 which Napoleon Hill said everyone should repeat every day, and not a single person knew what it was. This is why on average only 3% of people achieve unusual levels of success. The remaining 97% do not put what they know would work into action.

Why is this? For some people it is simply because they do not want whatever it is enough to motivate them to continue (or to even start) exerting effort. For others it might be that they do not really believe that they will succeed; they may very well agree that these principles should work, but somehow do not have faith in their own ability to put them into successful action. You may think of many other reasons why a person may not persevere but when reduced to the bottom line, one or other of the two reasons just cited will be in evidence.

It is often easier to do something when you have to do it, or when another person is there to direct and encourage you; hence the massive growth in the coaching and mentoring industries. Not everyone however can afford to employ the services of such people. And this type of mentoring does not tackle issues of self belief which may be lurking beneath the surface.

Hypnosis downloads provide an empowering and affordable solution. Hypnosis provides access to your inner mind, where these hidden beliefs are stored. Adjustments can be made in how you think about yourself and what your abilities are; suggestions can be made to help you to focus and to see clearly whatever it is you want to achieve. And you can listen to these recorded messages again and again, just as if you have your very own powerful mentor at hand 24 hours a day, so as to keep you on course, until you have achieved your heart’s desire.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for confidence, success and happiness.

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