Simply put, personal development should be viewed as a way to learn to improve the self. After years of studying a wide range of topics, it eventually became apparent how it is far more important to learn responsibility and the attainment of the higher self than it is to focus on just about any other studies available. The important thing is to learn to create from within our essence. That is, to learn to protect ourselves from violent conditions and situations and to not attract those types of events into our life. Karma works to our advantage, rewarding right action as well as punishing poor choices. Most people have never even considered this point of view and are (more often than not) focused only on the possibilities related by what they consider “bad karma” occurring to them or others as a result of their actions that are in some way out of line. But most people also agree that there are two sides to every coin (so to speak) so wouldn’t it make just as much sense to instead direct our focused attention onto karmic outcomes that will occur as a result of our positive actions and quests for attainment? When our actions remain geared in the direction that is in alignment with our goals we will see a positive end result.




In order to learn to be a great teacher, it is necessary for us to learn first all about ourselves along with how to handle our wide spectral range of emotions and compulsions. To this end, each person embarking on a journey of personal development needs the cornerstone to a good self-exploration program. What this means is the foundation of “consciousness”. It is the ability to explore our own consciousness and to detangle ourselves from all our old creations. It means to be able to align ourselves with what we personally choose to create and to regain the balance of our own consciousness. Also, to understand what we do and most importantly, why we do it.





We learn through personal development how if you walk around with your consciousness very heavy it could very easily begin to weigh you down and stifle your personal growth at all levels. This was the path of failure, confusion, and mediocre living at best. Living this way, most of anyone’s creations would be by default and not designed by purpose. It is far easier to design by purpose than by default since you are able to know ahead of time exactly what it is you are after so the ways and means of cultivating the desired results can be drawn to us naturally. We have things in our subconsciousness we do not even know are there that are causing us to not create properly. To clarify, not “things” per say, but, rather, beliefs are the creators of our reality.




Many people are not even aware that personal developments mental exercises exist which are designed to rapidly produce extreme changes in their levels of consciousness. Discovering the ability and becoming enabled to know ourselves, which is the self that we chose to create is one of the greatest gifts one can give while learning there is no self outside of that self. The alternative is to follow the self of chance or to make future movements designed around default plans. Incorporating personal development mental exercises into your daily regime designed to result in the reconfiguration of your consciousness are highly effective towards getting you back in control of your consciousness and to clear your personal ability to see and to understand your own motives and intentions. It will help you to clarify what truly matters in your life and to help relieve past doubts and misunderstandings about those prior creations. You will also be digging up painful experiences. You will encounter anchors that block your happiness and are the reasons for all your failures in the past as well. These anchors eventually make you think you are the anchors. By empowering your conscious ability to make decisions you can start on a new course of action instead of following the old road maps that you know so well, especially the ones that don’t work for you.

Brady Cameron is a personal development coach and martial arts master. For more information about how you can improve your life with personal development and this is also about personal development
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