In my first article, I discussed the need to give some hours to concentrated, consistent and persistent thought. This request was to let you realise and acknowledge how frequently a being becomes a recidivist onto previous conditioned undesirable habits. This was a reason I asked you to consciously concentrate by using ‘the will’ that you must and will concentrate, so that you consciously become aware of that which you do unconsciously.

Now, I know am not far from the truth when I say a being always endeavours to better oneself. But why is it that despite such tremendous endeavours to improve, little if anything of the efficacy is attained.

To answer the above, I am going to borrow a quote from Blaine Lee who advised that ‘we are all capable of change and growth; we just need to know where to begin.’  My observation is that Blaine is spot on, because the highest hurdle to cross is one’s own mindset.  It is privately in the mind that victory ought to be attained before we publicly become victorious.

Now, what we presently are, is a result of the condition and conditioning of the past. Therefore, by remaining what we are, we cannot become who we desire to be. By so realising this fact, we come to the conclusion that the battle is within us and not outside us. This confirms with what Bennion Lowell expressed, ‘In the pursuit of values we discover that life is within, not outside us.’

Then again, you could be sitting back and saying, “all you’ve written are niceties” and further asking the question once more, “how on this God’s earth does one heal and rebuild oneself from within?”

To answer that, I’ll quote Theron Dumont one of the truly greats of The New Thought Movement who said that ‘no person will advance to any great extent until he recognizes the forces of the subconscious within him. If you have not become aware of it, you have not made very much of a success of your life. It is this “something” that distinguishes that “man” from other men. It is this subtle power that develops personality.’

 The mind is not mysterious, just misunderstood. In this modern age, we are everyday experiencing ever advancing high tech gadgets. The first impulse we have when we get these gadgets is to learn how to operate them for our own convenience and comfort. It is the will to learn that drives us to do this, but alas, very few people have the will to study the mind to enable them operate their minds with ease for their own comfort and convenience.

 Never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind. What the subconscious mind is aware of, you are not, yet it is in your mind. Guard your thoughts every day, and correct bad ones by replacing them with positive thoughts. Remember, whatever you see or read is embedded in your subconscious. The conscious mind is the mind you use in your self-conscious state. The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all your conscious thoughts, as well as the seat of memory. It follows that as conscious thought acts, unconscious thought must operate.

It is this realisation that builds and heals a being. The realisation that whatever you repeatedly say (autosuggest) consciously and long enough sinks into your subconscious mind, and remember as previously explained above, as conscious thought acts, unconscious thought must operate. It is here where one corrects oneself onto a desired course. Not by piecemeal correction but by total reorganisation of oneself. Remember, as explained earlier in the article with a quote from Blaine, ‘we just need to know where to begin.’  Even if you do not autosuggest, the mind, like weeds in an unattended garden will get whatever it can and in whatever environment you are in and bring forth. Whether desirable or undesirable, the mind or the subconscious will have to bring forth. Ever wondered why you said something and had no clue why you said it? Ever done something and wondered why you did it? That is what Theron Dumont referred to when he said the person who has not become aware of the subconscious mind has not made very much of a success in life.

This is the reason great men like Benjamin Disraeli advised that  ‘Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you’ll never go any higher than you think.’ Because like an unattended garden, unwanted weeds (thoughts) will spring up and materialise into action.

So how do we go forth on a correct course, find out in my third article.

Nyangu Simpungwe is a professional accountant, a fully qualified chartered certified accountant and holds a Masters Degree from The University of Glamorgan in Wales. He currently is Director of a company called Falcon (GB) Limited based in England United Kingdom, a newly formed company composed wholly of chartered certified accountants. He has tremendous experience in Business Process Improvements and has expertise in life coach and leadership coach.

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