Negative thinking can be a dangerous trap to fall into, but a lot of people have fallen right into it. Most of these people fall into this trap because they get victimized by any of these ten very common thought poisons.

1. Lack of encouragement from parents since childhood. Most of our most dangerous negative thoughts come from our childhood. For example, a person who never got much encouragement from his parents when he was still a kid can easily grow up into a shy, introverted person who lacked self confidence. The lack of encouragement and appreciation in one’s childhood is the most common cause of poor self esteem.

If you hold on to a vague anger towards your parents for not encouraging you enough when you were a kid, choosing not to let go of that anger will only hurt you, not them. It will hold you back in life and keep you from believing in your full abilities. So recognize this thought poison and replace it with positive subliminal messages like:

I am my own person.

I am capable and talented.

I seek approval from no one.

I find fulfillment from within.

I believe in my own abilities and worth.

2. Betrayal by a romantic partner. A lot of people also get permanently scarred due to a betrayal by a romantic partner. This often leads to self-doubt and other negative thoughts like:

I am not worthy to be loved and respected.

I am not good enough.

I am worthless.

No one can ever really love me.

I won’t trust anyone ever again.

If you hold on to such negative thoughts, you are on a self-destructive mode. You are only torturing yourself and possibly holding back from new opportunities of finding real love. If you’ve been betrayed, do not blame yourself. You have your weaknesses just as other people do. A person who truly loves you and deserves your love will accept these weaknesses. So you have to stop blaming yourself and instead just understand the simple fact that the person who betrayed you does not deserve the space in your life.

Instead of thinking negatively, just look at the bright side. You now see your former partner for who he/she truly is. You do not need a dishonest partner. You are better off without him/her.

3. He/she is better than me. Most people have at least one person who becomes a source of insecurity. Comparing oneself to others is a common tendency for almost all people. And more often than not, we compare ourselves to people more fortunate than us. And this is usually followed by thoughts like:

He’s so much better than me.

She’s prettier than me.

He’s got everything going for him.

I’ll never be as good as he is.

I’ll never look that pretty.

Comparison makes the mind automatically highlight the differences, and the easiest ones to spot are the negative ones. You don’t see the things you have that the other person don’t, but your mind seems to focus solely on the areas where you are weaker. This will lead to negative self-perception and low self-esteem, and can make you competitive in a negative way.

Beware of these three common though poisons and don’t let them rule your life. Reprogramming your mind with the help of subliminal messages can help you overcome them.

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