Today’s economy shows just how important business and personal development training is to all of us and our achievement of financial prosperity in today’s economy. Funny how easily we became complacent in recent years when we were convinced that the good times could never end. Oh, were we wrong!

As our benefits and salaries increased, our home prices all went up, up, up and so many people took for granted the importance of continuing their education. But then as soon as the housing crisis began, the bank closures followed and many companies lost their funding and as a result many, many, many people were put out of work and back into the job market.

As these former employees went out looking for new jobs, they started to grasp that not only were they competing with their previous co-workers, but also with the college graduates that were brimming with new computer skills that many older employees just frankly missed, because they were too busy working!

Why does it really matter to you?

Online business that used to just be comprised of your email and corporate webpage, now is consists of the Bookmark Sites, Social Media Sites and Web 2.0 Sites. A few of the most popular Social Media sites are Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. A few of the Web 2.0 sites are Google Video, Viddler and YouTube and let’s not forget the forever important Social Bookmark sites such as Reddit and Digg, just to name a few.

This is important and I bring this up because if these sound alien to you, it’s usually the result of not keeping up with your ongoing Business Training in the field of online marketing. Now I know that not all of you are online marketers, but no matter what job you have, honing and sharpening your marketing training will always make you MORE valuable in your next career.

And if you are already self-employed, it’s VITAL that you learn to brand yourself and master attraction marketing that is so crucial to your ability to attract like minded business people with who to prosper online.

Everywhere I turn, I see people with company replicated websites pushing their products first and acting like used car salesman, but it’s not their fault – usually, they just haven’t been taught through a step-by-step system that teaches them to market themselves 1st, then how to get paid as they go and smoothly introduce prospects into their business opportunity – AFTER the relationship has formed!

It’s like my grandmother says “You just don’t ask a girl to marry you before you’ve gone on a first date! She’ll laugh in your face and think you are nuts!”

And business and business partners are the same way. First, provide value, then create the bond and if all that goes well, then propose your business if you feel it will be a good fit for the both of you.

But DON’T blast people with your business on the first Date!

This brings me to the necessity of ongoing Personal Development Training. While the mechanics of business training above will get you in the door, in the end your level of personal development closes the deal. You’ve got to invest in your personal development for others to want to invest in you. You have got to provide value first and foremost!

Personal Development Training works on you, between the ears, to create Massive Success! More often than not, you need to continually indulge in training ask yourself at the innermost level “What do I want to achieve, Why am I doing this, what’s my timeframe to make this happen?”

But here’s the funny part about Personal Development – we know we need more and we recognize it, but we don’t know exactly what it is! So we need to team up with people achieving what we want in our own lives and indulge ourselves in the knowledge of those who have the minds and skills that we want to achieve.

It’s sort of like this: If want to know how to fix a flat tire, you wouldn’t sit and watch your wife paint her fingernails hoping to learn how to fix that flat tire – would you? Heck No! You may not know exactly how it works but, you know that if you head over to the Auto Repair Garage and hang out, you’ll at a minimum be in the right place how to change that tire again without anyone’s help!

Same applies here in Business and Personal Development Training. Surround yourself with people who provide value to your learning process and are creating the kind of results you want to have. From a distance it may not be obvious what development path they are on, but if you get involved with them and put yourself in a position to learn, you drastically increase the odds that you too will achieve similar results!

You have got to allow yourself the chance to attain the same mindsets and skillsets for Incredible Success in you life!

A couple of parting thoughts for you… If you are not having the kind of success you want to have in your MLM or Network Marketing business it is most likely due to one of the following three factors:

1. You just don’t have enough qualified leads to call back each day. (And you probably aren’t calling back the one’s you do have – because it’s like cold-calling and the leads are unresponsive!)

2. You are spending more money than you are making. (And most likely because your current company upline / sponsor has given you a company replicated website and basically said Good Luck and all because they just don’t know to teach you to position yourself as a leader, nor how to create massive results in today’s online market!)

3. You aren’t allowing yourself to create wild success, or you haven’t found a step-by-step attraction marketing and personal branding system that really works.

The Good News Is: These are all curable with the right System! A system that teaches you to generate more leads,, monetize the leads you’ve created and how monetize the remaining 95% who don’t get involved with your primary business and all the while keeping you plugged into Business and Personal Development Training that will Position You As A Leader Who Provides Value First To Their Team!

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