When you wish you could live your life differently, what is holding you back?  If you truly want to change, what is stopping you, why can’t you do it?  For so many of us, we seem to be blocked by the inability to alter our own behaviors, even when we know we need to.  What limits our capability to alter our very own self?  We may try and try again, and still never quit accomplish what we set out to do. We give up at some point, forget our resolve, and slide back into what we once were. For some of us, it could be very important, this need for change; for others, it may be a wish or an idea.  Whether it is an idea, a wish, or necessity, it all comes down to one thing, desire.  If we desire something strongly enough, we can make it happen.  The desire is attached to our way of being; it is what makes us do what we do, and it also has the ability to curtail that which we no longer want. 


It is in our desire that our choices and actions are made. It is not something else that makes us do what we do; we enable or disable our own issues.  Imagine if you were to look at yourself, look at the problem at hand, what is it that keeps you doing it?  What is the reason or desire attached to what you do?  Simply put, why? You know the why; it is not a mystery.  It is a choice you make.  As soon as we distance ourselves from our own choices, we lose the ability to alter who we are.  Nothing else is making you do what you do; you, by desire, choose to do it.  If you wish you could change, what is stopping you?  It is the desire not to.  If you wish you could do more of something, what is holding you and your desire back?  It is not an internal battle.  There are no hidden inner agendas you cannot alter; there is no mystery.  You and you alone make the choice.  Once the choice is made, you simply follow your desire. 


If you choose to stop something, your desire to do so will make it happen.  It is as simple as that.  Nothing is in the way, no obstacles, no issues, nothing but your desire.  Imagine looking at yourself from this angle.  What is it you wish to change, alter, or begin doing?  What is stopping you?  It is only your desire to perform what you need to do.  Own that responsibility for yourself; it is very empowering to do something you believe you need to do.  It enables more options and belief in yourself for future endeavors.  Your desire is a very strong thing; after all it is what stopped you before, what held you back.  It has the same power to change everything. If you truly desire, it can happen.  Look at yourself and desire the change you need with all of your being. Choose the right choice, desire it to be so, and then believe it can be.  Choose what is best for you, over your old desires and past choices. Your desire is led by you, your intention, your will, and your choice.  Lead yourself in the right direction by choosing that which you really desire.

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