There are way too many people in this world who are miserable, unhappy, and going through life just like Eeyore! They are lethargic, don’t smile, have no personality, and I have no idea why they even get out of bed in the morning. It’s best to run like a rabbit from these folks, because they will only end up bringing YOU down! Yikes! Life is tough enough to deal with, and we don’t need the added stress or challenge of someone sucking the positive energy out of us!

Then you say, in that whiney voice, “but it’s my brother/sister/girlfriend/buddy since third grade/whoever”…I say “IT’S TIME TO CUT THEM LOOSE!” I just recently wrote of a best friend of 25 years because he is never going to do anything more than complain about his miserable life without ever making any attempt to better himself! He spends all of his free time watching all of those stupid adult cartoons on TV, you know the ones; the really, really bad animation with the adult humor and jokes! I would rather have a root canal at the dentist’s office than watch that crap! 

My life is important, and my time is precious, and I have much better things to do than to watch most of the garbage on television! IN FACT, I rarely watch the idiot box, as some enlightened people call it. Maybe that’s not an acceptable phrase in today’s overly sensitive, constantly-striving-to-be-politically-correct world, but guess what? A) I don’t care! and, B) It’s an IDIOT BOX! So, IF you want to waste your life watching that garbage, go right ahead!

Now, the purpose of this article is to point out, as Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be!” You can CHOOSE to be happy or you can CHOOSE to be miserable! The choice is yours! I am taking the happiness road, and by the way, here is another fabulous quote from thousands of years ago; “Happiness and contentment are NOT the destination, they are the path along the way!” How about YOU, are you enjoying the journey? Or are you getting stressed and making yourself miserable while you wait for some future big burst of happiness!?

There are so many folks, sad as it sounds, that are out there just waiting for “one day” and that day may never come! “ONE DAY I will be happy…when I have enough money/the right job/the right house/the perfect body/the best mate/the ideal business/my project finished/when I graduate/quit smoking/get that surgery/blah blah blah” And guess what, my friends? They NEVER reach that point, so they never end up attaining happiness, and they spend a lifetime of pain and misery while they just keep searching for something that will never happen!

Remember the John Lennon words of wisdom, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans!” Live your life, right now, and enjoy your life, right now! Actually, we don’t even know IF we will get a tomorrow or not! I have a wonderful and uplifting BLOG that gets updated almost daily and I would LOVE to have YOU visit it NOW, and IF you love it, please become a follower, subscriber, or regular reader, AND please share it with a few like-minded friends! Thanks in advance for that! The BLOG can be found at: 

I am sure that you will like it, and I look forward to feedback from anyone wishing to give feedback! I also will be willing to write-for-hire IF you need some good writing! Thanks for taking the time to read and share this article. Keep happy, keep smiling, and have a great day!

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