Life is like a big stage, everyone plays a different role on it, whether you are a lead or a supporting role.
We are all feeling life with our hot heart, we are easily touched by the heroic deeds, and we also applaud to those who live unyielding life, don’t you think we need give applause to ourselves!
Everyone has a weak side, we need spiritual comfort. Give a smile in a sleepless night and look forward to tomorrow’s sun. However, others’ applause is still important.
Cheer for our own, we will go forward. When we run into a wall, we will lower our head; when we are failed, we will be frustrated and extremely depressed; when we look back to the reality, we will lose our self-esteem. But the cheer can gain our courage.
However, the road of life is full of thorn, even if there will be billows in a calm sea. Believe in yourself, and face it with a brave heart. One failure does not mean the failure of the last, who laughs to the end is the most brilliant. Victory, we laugh it off, fall, we bear the pain over and stand up again.
We should continue our journey of life. Perhaps the banner of victory is waving to us forward; perhaps the next stop is a success; maybe tomorrow is another beautiful day. So we should not be afraid of difficulties, we should move forward to explore the future.
Acclaim for life because it is colorful. We cheer for others most time, but when we cheer for ourselves, we will have different feelings, different moods, like the cool breeze bringing the fragrant smell.
Failure is discouraged, but if you never recover, then you are wrong. Failure is the mother of success, and if we really worked hard, losing is a beauty. Cheer for ourselves, and enjoy every move in the life. On the road, we will encounter any cases. The concern and care from friends and even a look, a word of greeting will make us shed tear, will add infinite vitality to us.
Cheer for ourselves is also a way to give hope to those who care about us. It can not only add confidence, and let us know much more about life that the world is full of love. Cherish every person you care about and the ones who care you.
Every corner is waiting for the sunshine, everyone is waiting for the arrival of good times, every heart is waiting for the mind of collision. When you’re full of tired, please do not forget that there is a light heart, which will light your way home and guide you into the light.

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