Water! Taking hydrotherapeutic procedures we may get refreshed and tone up, or we may relax and get rid of tiredness. Contrast shower is one of such pleasures. And also it is your choice of healthy lifestyle.

• Contrast shower trains a body, and gets the immune system into a state of advanced working capacity. This is an efficient way to overcome stress and depression, especially combined with meditation and autohypnosis.

• Contrast shower is a pleasant and effective exercise for muscles and skin of the body. It is an excellent way of struggling with cellulite because it makes our cells work for fat metabolism improvement.

• At last, contrast shower just gives us a lot of pleasure and fills with energy and youth.

Start with warm and comfortable temperature of 37-38 degrees. A couple of minutes under the pleasant for the body flood of water will prepare your body for contrasts. The first step is hot water. Raise the temperature to 42-43 degrees. The water should not burn, but it should be significantly hot. A couple of minutes later turn the hot water off and stay under cold water, 15-20 degrees, for the beginning 27-28 degrees will do.

A sudden change of temperature makes our muscles, skin pores, and nerve receptors contract. After two or three minutes, add hot water again. Once more, reach the 42-43 degrees grade. Cells extend, muscles and skin integument relax. The body warms up and sweats out, and in a couple of minutes—a new shock wave of cold.

After taking a shower you should rub yourself well with a double towel, wrap yourself up in a cozy bathrobe, and take a cup of aromatic tea. In ten minutes you are ready to perform any exploit.

You need to master contrast shower gradually. After taking a shower or a bath wash yourself down with cool water. How are you feeling? Are you all right? Then next time try a lower temperature. A week later try to rotate a couple of cold and hot steps. When you feel pleasure after those manipulations, gradually make the phases longer, and extend the temperature range of contrast shower.

The essential condition is to start with hot temperature and contrast it with cold water. It is necessary to finish the procedure with cold water.

In a couple of months you will appreciate the benefit of contrast shower! You are sure to feel that your body have strengthened, your skin have freshened, and you may forget about the danger of a cold or flu. Contrast shower will give you a good state of mind, beauty, and strong health!

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