When we are angry, we feel like we have no control over it and that it overtakes us. Anger is such a strong emotion that once we go there, we are so riled up that the experience and how we feel tends to last a long time.  Anger is an experience of not accepting life because it is when we choose to fight it instead of accepting it that we lose ourselves to anger.  Anger is a response to how you see the world.  We are experiencing the fight we choose with life.  If we were to let everything be as it is, instead of choosing to not accept the world, our life, and others around us, we would not experience anger.  It seems too simple, but that is why anger is there.

Living with acceptance means letting go of the struggle of thinking that things should be different.  It means experiencing peace, instead of fighting what you do not like.  There is very little control we have over life, and so to fight what we do not accept means we are going to be fighting with almost everything.  When you see life as not an obstacle or something you must defend yourself against, then you can exist without anger.  Anger rises up when we have had enough, enough of what life is giving us and how people are behaving.  We are just fed up, and it is time to make a stand.  But this behavior only exists if you see the world, people, and your life as a struggle.  In order to not get to the point of losing your temper or even just feeling angry, you must change your outlook on life.

What we cannot control is everything around us, so we must accept all as it is. We cannot change what we do not like, so it is better to accept it.  When we do this, our outlook on life adjusts and we can begin to see things in a different way.  Things that would usually set us off seem trivial and silly because we are choosing to accept instead of fighting the idea of it.  If instead of getting upset we were able to look at the moment and what was happening as all right, that the only effect it truly has on us is how we will feel, we would choose acceptance.  How we feel is something we can be in control of.  We do not need to be angry; we do not need to feel sad or defensive.

All negative emotions are a response to how we see, feel, and think of the world around us.  If we accepted life, everything it was, and all that happens around us, why would we need to be angry at all?  Think about it, if you weren’t against or opposed to anything, then life becomes easier and you are less likely to feel defensive or protective.  When we view our life, people, and the world from a standpoint of acceptance, then we are choosing the easiest path on which to live.  We can be against everything or with it.  By choosing acceptance over struggle, we can live in a world that seems a lot less difficult.  Your outlook will shift as soon as you give one moment your acceptance.  Give one person whom you would otherwise struggle with acceptance; move on and let it be. We cannot change the world or those around us and that is why we get angry.  We get angry because it doesn’t fit with how we think it should be.  We are the ones who need to change so that life can be what it is.  Accept life, people, and the world just as it is, and anger will no longer control you or overtake you.

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